The Contract (till LIES do us part) - a Harry Styles fan-fiction

The story revolves around your ordinary 19-yr old girl, Irish Miller, who is currently working at Starbucks and who will then meet Harry Styles, one of the members of the biggest boy-band of today, One Direction. How does this unplanned meeting and the 'mini contract' will change their lives and their situation? Will it be good for the both of them or will it only cause much trouble? Will they stick on their agreement or just go follow what their hearts truly feel? Find out all the answers as I give you The Contract (till LIES do us part) <3



9. Chapter 9


*Irish's POV*

After the fun concert last night, the boys took time and went golfing today. I insisted to stay in the hotel to wait for Dani and El as we planned to go shopping. As I was waiting, I decided to clean my messy room.Everything was scattered on the floor, magazines, my over-sized t-shirts, boxers, empty packs of junk food and even my cookie monster plastic mug. Well, parents should just accept the fact that teens' room are messy. I sat on the floor, picking first the magazines and put it under my cabinet, then my clothes that I could barely distinguish which were clean and not so I just placed them all in the laundry hamper. I picked up my mug lastly and put it on the side table. I also called at the reception to change our bed covers. 

"Oh this bed so comfy! Oh I know you love meeee!" I sang as I jumped on my bed, head first.

I clearly didn't have the courage to leave my bed for today but I wanted to have some girl time with Dani and El. Occupying myself with the thought, the door bell suddenly rang that caused me to purposelessly kicked my alarm clock and the cup of pens off the table.

"Like I was just having my time with my bed alone and whoever this person who seems to be a disturbance will have a kick in the face. I promise!" I grunt to myself. I stood up and went straight ahead of the door. When I opened it, I see no one but an old woman slowly walking past the hallway.

"Some people just love on trippin." I said before closing the door.

I quickly went back to my room and picked up my things. As I looked for the pens which apparently rolled under my bed, I felt something thick and in round shape.

"Ooh. What is this?" I stretched my arm and grabbed it only to see a ring right before my eyes. It was a sparkling round brilliant cut diamond weighted by two small diamonds beside. I put it in my finger. It really fitted in mine. 

"This is so beautiful." I said, looking at it  in awe. 

I just sat there, staring at my hands with the ring for a few minutes till I remembered that I needed to prepare 'cause Dani and El will be here at any moment. I took a quick shower and randomly picked clothes in my closet. After a few minutes, the two then arrived and we headed off the hotel.


*Harry's POV*

"I wont ever date a girl like her." I said to Liam as we were resting on the table after playing golf.

"Why not? You cant deny the fact that Irish's pretty and well, quite stubborn but she's a nice girl, Hazza." he replied, grabbing the bottle of water beside him.

"Liam, you know why I'm doing this right?" I asked.

"I know. Getting Melissa back. I don't get you bro. Why didn't you accept her the last time she went on our hotel  begging for you? I mean, what else do you want?" Liam asked, now standing across me.

"I want her to realize how much she hurt me and making her jealous is the only way I know will work." I responded.

"Well, I really hope that will work. We're just here for you and you always got our back, Harry." he said, tapping me in the shoulder and giving me a daddy smile.

"Thanks Li. Just don't push me on Irish. Talking about her really stresses me out." I replied.

"Nobody has ever made you like that, even Melissa." he said, smirking.

I thought of what Liam said but I was quite sure to myself that I'll never ever fall in love with that girl especially that I know I still want and love Melissa.


*Irish's POV*

"This costs much more than my existence." I said as I looked at the price tag.

"No beautiful, you should buy this!" El said, taking the elegant blue dress out of my hands. 

"I'm afraid I would walk on my way to the hotel if I get to buy that dress." I replied.

"Haha. Don't worry babe, we'll buy this for you. Just roam around and pick anything you like." Dani said.

"No, its fine girls. I don't want you to think that I'm taking advantage on you. Its fine, really." I said, shyly.

"No babe, we'll buy this for you okay? Just consider this as a treat from us!" El responded.

We spent the whole day at the mall, buying clothes and all. We helped Eleanor to pick a dress for her date with Lou the day after tomorrow. We end up buying a lacy dress covered with ruffles on the neck revealing her shoulders. I asked them to meet me at a resto after I went to a bookstore to buy a book and painting materials.  Its been a year since I stopped painting and I really missed to do it again.

"I think I bought everything I need!" I said, holding 4 shopping bags in my hands.

"Have you enjoyed today babe?" asked Dani.

"Definitely. Thanks girls. You're so nice to me. I think I just found my new best friends!" I hugged them before we walked out of the mall.

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