The Contract (till LIES do us part) - a Harry Styles fan-fiction

The story revolves around your ordinary 19-yr old girl, Irish Miller, who is currently working at Starbucks and who will then meet Harry Styles, one of the members of the biggest boy-band of today, One Direction. How does this unplanned meeting and the 'mini contract' will change their lives and their situation? Will it be good for the both of them or will it only cause much trouble? Will they stick on their agreement or just go follow what their hearts truly feel? Find out all the answers as I give you The Contract (till LIES do us part) <3



8. Chapter 8


*Irish's POV*

The boys were getting ready for tonight's show. We were here at the backstage of 02 Arena. I was all excited for them, given the fact that this was my first time to see them perform live. The feels were just overflowing.  While I was waiting, Louis approached me with three gorgeous girls behind him.

"Hey Louis! What's up? I asked.

"My hair! Haha! But other than that darlin',  I want you to meet Eleanor, my beautiful girlfriend, here's Danielle , Liam's girlfriend and Perrie, Zayn's girl." he said.

"Hey girls, nice to meet you all! Wow, you are all gorgeous!" I said, kind of stunned with their presence. I walked towards them, enveloping them in a hug.

"She's Irish, Harry's girlfriend." Louis ushered in.

"Looks like Harry got a great taste when it comes to girls. Well he's just lucky to have you. And we are glad to meet you too babe!" Eleanor said. 

"Are you ready for tonight babes?" Louis asked, sitting beside me.

"Yea. I'm super excited!" I yelled.

"Well, me too!" he replied.

"Me three! four! five!" Liam, Zayn and Niall yelled behind us.

"That's cute." I said as I turned to wink at them. Liam and Zayn walked over to their girlfriends.

"Where's Harry?" I asked.

"Oh. He's on the other side of the door. Lou's still fixing his hair and clothes." Niall said.

"Oh. Okay." I replied.

As we were waiting for Harry to get out, we girls and the boys decided to play. Liam started the 'little dance party' inside the room. 

"Okay guys, Come on! Let's dance to the beat of Party Rock Anthem! Woohooo!" He said, dancing like a pro. 

We all then joined with Liam. Niall and Zayn made butt- kisses while Liam taught me his 'the joe' dance moves. I ran up to the table and started dancing as the boys pulled chairs and stood up while El, Dani and Perrie were getting groovy dancing with their high heels on. The music suddenly stop and I accidentally got out of balance.  I covered my face as I feared that I would just fell off and die but some superhero was just on time to save me.

"What the hell are you guys doing?" The guy with a raspy voice asked.

I looked up and saw Harry, carrying me in his arms.

"Uhm. We're just.. We're just dancing!" I replied, smiling at him.

"You're the lamest dancer I have ever seen to be honest." He said, laughing at me. His laugh was so attractive. I didn't mind him laughing at me though.

"I like it when you're being mean to me. I'd take that as a compliment then." I shot back.

He then put me down and flipped his hair away from his face. They were called up by Paul then. I checked them all out first before they gestured towards the door.

"Well, we are expecting a tremendous cheer later from you girls  Cyaa babes!" Louis said as we parted ways.

We stayed on the right side of the stage. The arena was full of thousands of girls screaming. The concert then started. The boys filled up the stage that made the crowd more loud and crazy. Me, El, Dani and Perrie were on the side joining the fans screaming too. The fans got to sing along with the boys as they sang. Their songs were really good and they really have an amazing voice. While they were singing, I noticed myself staring at Harry as he sung each and every word of his part full of emotions. He suddenly took a glance on me. I waved at him and smiled at me in return. 

After an hour and a half, the concert ended and the guys said their goodbyes.

"Thank you to all of you guys! We love you!" Zayn said on the mic before they bowed altogether.

We went backstage to see the boys with their body sweating, holding a bottled water in their hands.

"You are amazing guys! You just made all those girls drool over you. Wow. You really are amazing." I said.

"And with that, I must say you're a Directioner now?" Niall said.

"Directioner?" I repeated.

"Yeah. That's what we call our fans." Louis said.

"That makes sense. Well, yeah. I think I'm one them now." I replied, looking at the girls.

"Yihaaaaa! Irish is officially our fan. That's so flattering babe, really." Liam said.

"Can you hand me the towel?" Harry said to no one in particular.

I then pulled the towel off the chair. I walked towards him and wiped out the sweat all over his face. He tried to pull the towel off my hands but I hit him hard.

"Hey. that hurts. You know I can do it myself." Harry said, kind of irritated. 

"Let me do this for you babe." I said cheekily as I continued wiping him.

"No. Give me that towel now." he demanded.

I stopped and we just stood there, looking each other eye to eye like we're in a staring contest until I decided to just gave it to him.

"Fine.Here's your towel." I said as I chucked it onto his face.

He looked at me angrily.

"Now what?" I said, my arms over my chest.

As the heat getting on the scene, Melissa walked in and greeted the boys. Harry's angry face suddenly turned into his normal-innocent-cool face. 


*Harry's POV*

"Hey Harry, hey boys. You just hit the stage up tonight! Great job!" Melissa exclaimed as she hugged us one by one. She approaced me and gave me an awkward hug. 

"Thanks for coming and watching us.  So are you with someone?" I asked curiously.

"No. I'm alone. I didnt want to miss your first show though." she replied.

"You guys wanna go out for dinner? My treat!" She bargained.

"I'm sorry but Irish and I will have dinner of ours. Maybe next time." I said as I turned to gaze at Irish beside me, looking at me seriously.

Melissa was kind of disappointed as I refused to come but she still managed to look pretty and nippy in front of us.

"Why dont we just set a date for some other time 'cause my baby's kinda tired now." Irish said. She just called me baby. I remembered when Melissa used to call me that way.

"Sure. I'll just text Harry when you're free. I hope you have an awesome night guys." Melissa said.

Melissa then left. She's like a light speed just bolted out of the room. 


"Why did you have to tell her that?" I asked Irish as we were riding on the tour bus.

"Well, you said our mission is to make her jealous right? And I realized it will be more effective if we would have to take her offer, going outside with her or her with someone, you know." she replied with her mouth full.

"Do you really think I would make her jealous in that way?" I asked.

"Do you really think I didn't think about it? I wont get you into trouble curly. Trust me. It will definitely work." she replied surely.

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