The Contract (till LIES do us part) - a Harry Styles fan-fiction

The story revolves around your ordinary 19-yr old girl, Irish Miller, who is currently working at Starbucks and who will then meet Harry Styles, one of the members of the biggest boy-band of today, One Direction. How does this unplanned meeting and the 'mini contract' will change their lives and their situation? Will it be good for the both of them or will it only cause much trouble? Will they stick on their agreement or just go follow what their hearts truly feel? Find out all the answers as I give you The Contract (till LIES do us part) <3



21. Chapter 21

(A/N: Sorry for the super late update! im busy at the uni and sorry this is such a filler :( hope you still like it! xx)


*Harry's POV*

I was blinded by the light that streamed through the window from the curtains hanging open inside the room. I then slowly opened my eyes again and sat up in bed.  

I stretched my arms and let out a big yawn. I'm feeling good now. 

"Irish? Babe?" I called but she didn't respond. She's not here, apparently. I then headed off the room. I heard Irish and the lads on the kitchen and Niall arguing about food. I stood by the doorway of the kitchen as I listened to their conversation.

"But I'm still hungry. They left me with two pancakes. Imagine two pancakes, how can one be full with that while they got more?" Niall whined, pointing at the boys.

"Not my fault Ni. You woke up late." Irish replied.

"I woke up just a bit late and that doesn't justify their action of murdering the food without considering my being." Niall preached.

"Actually pastor, I mean Neil, oh sorry Niall, it's Liam. He took like five of it while me and Zayn shared the remaining four pieces. " Louis said, pouting his lips at Liam.

Liam just sent a sweet smile and a flying kiss to Niall's direction.

"That's very thoughtful of you Liam. Thanks." he said in a sarcastic tone.
"Hey ish, can I at least have that?" Niall begged, as he gestured to get the food in front of Irish.

"No niall  don't touch it. That's for Harry." Irish said, tapping Niall's hands away from the plate.

"I bet he's still sleeping so--"

"Nah-uh. Not yours. I said don't touch it." Irish replied, holding the plate away from Niall. 

"I thought we were best friends?!" Niall cried.

"We are Nialler. But Harry's kind of my.. boyfriend so." Irish replied.

"Oh how I wish I had a girlfriend too." Niall sighed as he swirled his fork around his empty plate.

"I can be yours Niall. Stop crying. I'll just make you pancakes!" Liam said, hugging him.

Niall's face suddenly lit up. "That's why I love Niam eh." He grinned as he pinched Liam's cheeks.

Niall's such a little boy. 

I then decided walked up to where Irish was standing and hugged her from behind. She kind of jumped a bit and then looked at me.

"Hey why did you get up already? How are you feeling?" Irish asked, touching my forehead as she turned to me.

"Im feeling a lot better now and that's all because of my beautiful nurse." I replied, softly planked a kiss on her nose.

"Hmm..are you hungry?" she asked.

"Hmm. A little." I replied as I tried to tease her, kissing her neck. 

"Harry stop it. You're tickling me." Irish said in a low voice. 

"What about no?" I said as I continued planking soft kisses on her cheek down to her neck and to her shoulder as my hands made its way to tickle her stomach.

"Harry. Stop just please. Stop." She begged in between breaths.

"What are you two doing?" Liam asked as he cleared his throat, interrupting me and Irish.

"Please stop it. Don't do that in front of the  kids!" He said while covering Niall's eyes.

I actually forgot the boys were in the kitchen as well. I just pulled out my tongue at Liam as I hugged Irish closer to mine.

"You two are so cute!" Niall yelled as he put Liam's hands off of his eyes.

"We know, Neil. Thank you." Louis barged in. He's now cuddling with Zayn, swaying each other.

"Well, that's what you call cute and sweet." Liam said.

We all laughed at them. Paul then, popped up the room in his best robe, interrupting us.

"Well good morning guys! How are you all doing? Harry, feeling good?" He asked, taking an apple at the fruit basket.

"Yeah." I replied.

"You need to be ready before two. We have a meeting for a magazine photo shoot and we'll head on the show okay? See ya later." Paul said before he stormed out of the room.


*Irish's POV*

We're here at Belfast for the boys' show tonight and they're now ready to conquer the stage and have fun. I was with El waiting for Sofie to arrive and after 3818822 years she's finally here! 

"Hey Sofie!! I missed you! Why are you late?" I yelled as I pulled her in a hug.

"Miss you too munchkins! Oh well, there's this guy that just ran into me while I was walking my way here. He didn't even say sorry like what ugh ." She complained.

"Don't mind him. Anyway, how're you?" I asked.

"Im doing good! I really missed you! and El! Its been a while!" Sofie then greeted and hug El.

"I know! But now youre here so we can catch up!" El responded with a sweet smile.

"That's nice. So shall we go? The boys are waiting for us." I said.

"Hey babe!" Harry yelled as he ran towards our direction.

"What? Have you left something?" I asked.

"No. Actually, you forgot to give me something." He said, panting.

"What?" I asked.

"You really don't know?" Harry replied.

Have I really forgot something? Oh maybe his scarf. Holy. I forgot his scarf in the drawer.

"Oh your scarf! I left it in the hotel. But I think I put an extra one on your bag. Wait, I'll look it for you."I said.

"No its not that." Harry replied.

"Then what is it?" I asked.

"I can't believe I should remind you this." He said, shaking his head.

"What? Tell me." I responded.

" good luck kiss?" He asked, pouting at me.

So he just went back in the dressing room just to ask for a good luck kiss from me. 

I planked a kiss on his left cheek and smiled at him. "Satisfied?" 

"Very. Okay see ya girls! See ya babe! Gonna look for you there!" He said, pinching my cheeks before he left.

We settled beside the stage, enough to see their handsome and adorable faces while they're performing.

As usual, we girls jammed to the beat of their songs. I was so happy that Harry's doing well right now and he's in total hype same with the other boys. He glanced at my direction every so often and threw winks at me. Lets just say I'll soon turn into a pile of crystalline dust or just literally melt away because of his irresistible charm.

"Look at Harry. He's a professional charmer. What do you think Ish?" Sofie asked.

"Well, yeah he really is. But don't they all?" I replied,  smiling at her.

After the show, we went ahead to the backstage. I then finally got the chance to introduce my best friend to the lads.

"Hey guys, I want you to meet my best friend Sofie." I said.

"Hey nice to meet you all." Sofie said, in a usual tone. For the first time, she didn't panic especially now that she's facing the boys and she's acting really cool with it. Great acting skills my best friend got from me.

"Hi Sofie! I'm Liam and this is Louis, Zayn, then Harry and.."

"Hi, Im Niall." Niall said, cutting Liam off as he walked to Sofie. He extended his hand and shook hers.

"Uh.. nice to meet you..guys" Sofie stuttered. Her voice tone down a bit and she's kinda blushing.

"You know what? You look familiar." Niall said.

"Really? I doubt we've seen each other before." Sofie replied.

"Yes! Its you!" Niall said.

"She's what Neil? Do you know her?"Lou asked.

"I saw you outside a while ago. I think I ran into you." Niall said.

"That's you? The guy wearing a beanie and a mask with a mustache and eyeglasses thingy? Sofie asked.

"Yeah. I didn't get the chance to apologize for that cos I need to get in the dressing room and Im sorry." Niall said, looking at Sofie.

My best friend just stood there for a few seconds. I think she just hypnotized with Niall's warm autumn blue eyes. That's her weakness actually. 

"Sofie? Are you okay?" Niall asked.

"Uh yeah. That's nothing. Don't worry about it." Sofie replied as she snapped back to reality.

The two stayed there, smiling at each other. I could sense Sofie fangirling on the inside as her cheeks continue 
to blush.

"So Im not expecting you to stare at each other the whole night guys.. Just do that when we get back on our hotel. We gotta have a little celebration!" Louis announced. 


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