The Contract (till LIES do us part) - a Harry Styles fan-fiction

The story revolves around your ordinary 19-yr old girl, Irish Miller, who is currently working at Starbucks and who will then meet Harry Styles, one of the members of the biggest boy-band of today, One Direction. How does this unplanned meeting and the 'mini contract' will change their lives and their situation? Will it be good for the both of them or will it only cause much trouble? Will they stick on their agreement or just go follow what their hearts truly feel? Find out all the answers as I give you The Contract (till LIES do us part) <3



20. Chapter 20


*Harry's POV*

We had a quick rehearsal for today as I was not feeling well since last night. My system just turned down a little bit. Well, I was here on the couch clinging to my new buddies, my medicine and a box of Kleenex.

All of the boys were out except for Liam, who insisted to stay to look after me. How thoughtful he was. I wish Irish was here though. She called me last night and asked me if she could stay in their house the whole night and promised to be back in the morning. I knew she wanted to spend more time with her family that's why I said yes and let her stay. I didn't tell her that I was sick though 'cause I don't want her to worry about me but  I was kind of missing her now..

Since Irish was not coming home tonight, I decided to stay and in her room. I wasn't feeling hungry though so I flopped down in bed and took a long nap instead.

I then woken up by a soft voice of a girl, like she was having a phone call. She dropped it off and went silent. I then felt a cold compress sticked in my forehead. I tilt my head a bit, my eyes half open. I then saw this beautiful human being sitting beside me, putting a thermometer under my arm. She stopped as she saw me moved and tapped me softly on the shoulder.

"Harry? you okay babe?" She asked.

I smiled at her, not saying anything.

"Why are you smiling?" she asked.

I rubbed the sleep off my eyes and sat before her.

"Nothing. I'm just glad you're here. I thought you're staying there tonight?" I asked.

"Yea. But I called Liam a while ago because you didn't answer any of my calls and he said that you're sick and trying to get some sleep that's why I immediately came here. My god Harry, why didn't you tell me this while we're on the phone last night? She rant.

I felt a warm essence flowing through me, knowing she really cared for me that she went back here immediately just to nurse me. I was touched, like really. 

"Its just that I don't want you to think about me especially that you're having a great time with your family. I don't want to bother you with it. Besides, its just a flu and I'm not dying. " I said.

"Of course you won't. But you should've at least told me." She said as she bonked me in the head.

"Aw. Is this how you treat sick people?" I said.

"Not really, only you." She replied, sticking her tongue out at me.

She then took out the thermometer under my arm and checked my temperature.

"Your temperature is getting normal. You only have a slight fever but you still need to take your medicine. Here, I think you're hungry now that's why I made you some noodles. Eat this then take your medicine after." She said.

I could say that she was the best nurse ever. She fed me noodles which I really enjoyed. She also helped me in changing my clothes and massaged my head. Ahh this was amazing. 

If she was my nurse every time I got sick, I wouldn't mind at all.

We stayed up for the past hour talking about stuff, how her mom and brother's doing and all. She was so excited talking about them with me. l just stared at her talking the whole time, and she's talking fast, but I still find adorable.  Her cute voice that sound so perfect in my ear, like a good song and harmony, her dimple, that was like connected with mine and her eyes that's so irresistible. I realized that she really value her family more than anything, that she would do anything for the sake of them. She's really a beautiful person inside and out.

"Yeah I know you ain't listening." Irish  said.

"No. I am listening." I replied, escaping out of my thoughts.

"Well, its bedtime for you curly. Come on, lay down and sleep." She instructed me, tapping on the bed.

"Does this mean you're letting me sleep here tonight?" I asked.

"Yes. 'cause I need to monitor your temperature and to make sure you'll take your medicine on time. You need to wake up at 4am for your medicine intake." She said as she waved the medicine intake chart on my face.

How did she manage to calculate the time I need to take my medicine? even doing a chart for it?

She set the alarm and placed the chart on the side table.

"Are you sure about that? I mean.." 

"Yes. But its up to you if you want to stay with Lou." She replied.

"No no. I mean its fine. Let's go and sleep now." I replied, smiling cheekily.

I held her hand and we laid in bed together. I then turned to her side, kissing her on the cheeks.

"Goodnight babe." I whispered in her ear.

I met her beautiful hazel brown eyes as she turned to look up to me.

"Goodnight." she replied, planking a kiss on my cheek and nose.

I moved closer and hugged her behind with my hand resting on her waist. She pulled me in and took my hand and entwined it with hers.

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