The Contract (till LIES do us part) - a Harry Styles fan-fiction

The story revolves around your ordinary 19-yr old girl, Irish Miller, who is currently working at Starbucks and who will then meet Harry Styles, one of the members of the biggest boy-band of today, One Direction. How does this unplanned meeting and the 'mini contract' will change their lives and their situation? Will it be good for the both of them or will it only cause much trouble? Will they stick on their agreement or just go follow what their hearts truly feel? Find out all the answers as I give you The Contract (till LIES do us part) <3



19. Chapter 19


*Irish's POV*

"Babe you're fine. You don't have to be nervous." Harry said.

"But what if she doesn't like me?" I said, pouting at him.

"There's no reason not to like you Irish. Don't worry, for sure you'll get on with each other and Gemma." he replied, pinching my nose.

There's no reason not to like you Irish. I echoed in my head.. Did he really just say it to me? cause I'm literally floating right now.. I really cant imagine someone saying that to me. But Harry did. I interrupted my canyon of thoughts and smiled at him.

"Just promise me that you'll be right there before dinner okay?" I said, slipping my hands around his waist.

He then pulled me closer and leaned on me, his minty breath touching my nose.

"Yes ma'am, I will. I'll go right after the rehearsals." He said.

We then made our way out of our hotel room and head off to her Mom's house. As he was driving, Harry pulled my hand and entwined it with his. I got a tight grip with his soft, smooth big hands. I smiled at him, slowly felt ease as we were hittingthe road.

After almost an hour we arrived at their house. Harry turned off the car engine and we walked out of the car.  

I decided to wear a ruffled collar blouse with my high- waisted shorts and my leopard vans while Harry was wearing his usual outfit: a white shirt, black fitted jeans and brown shoes.

He glanced at me as he held my hand, walking towards the front door. Gemma welcomed and gestured us inside the house. 

the walls were painted with orange color that's so warm and lovely. Their Sala set that matches the white  fluffy carpet on the floor. There are vintage paintings hanging on the walls too, one which I knew was the view of the Paris bridge and the other one with some kind of  traditional Thai art.

"Hey Mom!" Harry greeted Anne as we walked in the kitchen.

Anne welcomed Harry with a warm hug. She then gestured and gave me a hug as well.

"Well its too early for dinner and I haven't prepared our food yet." Anne replied.

"It's okay Mom. I just dropped Irish so she could have some time with you. I need to go to rehearsals then but I'll be back here before dinner." Harry said.

"That's a good thing. Well, make sure you'll be here at dinner time."  Anne said, smiling at me.

"Okay Mom. I'll see you guys later." Harry replied, kissing his mom.

He then walked back to me with that little smirk on his face.

"And I'll see you later babe." He winked and left a peck on my cheek. I then felt my cheeks getting warm.

"Take care." I said.

He walked out of the door and then went to his car, leaving the three of us alone.


"Can you hand me the macaroni over there?" Gemma asked as I volunteered to help them prepare our food.

She was now doing our dessert, macaroni salad. Anne, on the other hand was cooking fish n chips while I decided to make Spanish paella. Gemma and I went to the market earlier to buy the things we needed. It took us almost an hour to get back to their house.

"Here." I said as I gave her the bowl.

"Thanks!" Gemma replied with a sweet smile plastered on her face.

"Are you done there Mom?" Gemma asked Anne.

"Almost. I don't wanna over cook our food though." Anne replied as she checked the fish on the pan.

"How about you, Ish?" Gemma asked me, as she gently mixed the salad.

"Nah. I still need to wait for a few minutes for the water to vaporize and I'm done." I said, turning to Gemma.

"Hmm. I can smell it already. It's so nice and it looks delish." Gemma said, as she sniff through the pan cover.

"Yea it is. That's so nice. I bet you really love cooking." Anne said.

"Yea. I actually got it from my Mom, We both love cooking and she taught me how to prepare this." I proudly said.

"Just like me and Gemma but most of the time it was Gemma who stands to be the food taster instead of the cook." Anne chuckled.

"I'm a big help on you Mom, admit it. Without me, you'll never know if it tastes good or not." Gemma replied.

The three of us laugh then. These ladies are just amazing. 

After 20 minutes, my dish was done. I squeezed a lemon over the rice for the finishing touch and we're all set.

"Yay! This is awesome! Im already hungry! I wanna taste your Paella!" Gemma said.

"For sure Harry would love that." Anne said to me.

As we finished setting the table, we went to the living room while waiting for Harry and Melissa.

"These are amazing." I said as I scanned through the paintings again.

"Harry gave that to me. He knows I love paintings a lot." Anne said.

"Yes. Mom collects paintings everywhere and a lot of them are displayed in her room." Gemma added.

"I love paintings too. Well, I use to paint stuff since I was a kid." I said.

"You do painting? That's so cool. What kind of things do you paint?" Gemma asked, curiously.

"Mostly nature and people or whatever gets in my mind." I replied.

"Can you show us your paintings sometime?" Anne asked.

"Sure. I'll bring some for you. If you want, I'll make another one to hang on your wall." I replied.

"That'd be so lovely. Thank you, sweetheart." Anne said, wrapping her arms around me.

And the doorbell rang. I pulled out of the hug as Anne walked towards the door, seeing Harry with his cheeky smile.

"Hey babe!" Harry greeted. He gestured towards me, smiling for no apparent reason. He leaned to kiss me but I pushed him away.

"What?" Harry asked, confused.

"Nothing. Its just that I smell food and I'm a bit muggy now." I said.

Harry moved forward, pulling me in.

"Hmm. Look at you." He said, raking my hair away from my face.

"You're still beautiful even if you're muggy or whatever." He said, his eyes looking straight to mine. 

"So shall we eat?" Harry yelled.

"Maybe in a while. We'll just wait for Melissa to arrive and then we'll have our dinner." Anne said.

"Mom, we can have our dinner without her .That bitch." Gemma whined.

"Gemma, that's not an appropriate thing to say. She's still Harry's friend." Anne said.

"I wonder why my brother's still friend with that girl after she chea--" 

"Hey stop it. Don't say things like that to Mel. You don't know anything and you don't have the right to tell things like that to her. After all, she's done nothing with you." Harry said, cutting off Gemma.The tone in his voice revealed his concern for Melissa and I could see in his eyes how much he still cares for her.

This wasn't what I expected to see. I felt an unpleasant sensation in my heart. I somehow envy Melissa, 'cause up until now, after all she has done with Harry, Harry still wanted her back. 

I let go of Harry's hand and walked back from his side, trying to hide myself from this commotion. I wish I wouldn't hear what they're saying.

"Of course I know everything. Why are you so defensive when it comes to her? What about Irish? A rebound? You are with her now! so sit down and get your ass off that Melissa!" Gemma said, her eyes beaconing, hands over her chest.

I turned to face the floor. Gemma's words hit me hard. It's just. No. I shouldn't be affected with this. Well, I'd rather be a rebound than a fake girlfriend though. No. I'd rather be neither.

"Well as far as I know, it's none of your business!" Harry yelled.

"Will you two stop? You're not kindergartens anymore. Don't fight in front of me and please have some respect for me and Irish. We're here to have a great time for Gods sake. Please don't ruin this day for all of us." Anne said, her voice escalated.

The two of them got silent. Gemma sighed and apologized.

"I'm sorry." 

"Me too. I was just carried away. I'm sorry." Harry same.

After a few minutes, The root of the argument, Melissa then arrived. 

We then headed to the dining table. Me sitting beside Harry and Anne and Melissa sitting beside Gemma, who was intuitively annoyed with Melissa's existence.

"So Melissa, Therese told me you're gonna be part of the fashion event this month?" she asked.

"Oh. I didn't know Mom already told you. And yes Aunt, I'm gonna go back and do some modeling again. That's just what I love to do!" Melissa replied, gaily.

While they were chatting, I put some paella and fish n chips on Harry's plate and we all started eating.

"Hmm. Your paella is amazing Mom." Harry said, with his mouth full.

"Yea Aunt. This is really good. I love this." Melissa added.

"Actually Irish prepared that, especially for you Harry." Anne said, winking at Harry.

Harry then turned to me and smiled.

"You cook this? for me? That's sweet. Thanks babe."He said.

I replied at him with a stitched smile on my face. 

"I told you he would love that." Anne  said.

Melissa who was seating across me, sent me a fake and vicious smile.

While they were chatting, I offered Harry some salad, but he said he's already full when in fact he's just busy staring at Melissa now. I can't believe how he can change from being sweet and nice to me and just ignore me in a matter of seconds.

"I'll be upstairs. I'm not feeling well. Sorry guys." Gemma intruded. She stood up and excused herself as she made her way up to her room.

If I could just walked out of here like Gemma did, I definitely would. I felt like out of place while they're enjoying their conversation.

"Irish, are you okay?" Anne asked as I was pulled out of my thoughts.

"Yes. I'm fine. I just need to go to the bathroom." I replied.

"Oh. Okay. You go upstairs then turn left that's it." Anne instructed.

"Thanks." I said.

As I walked upstairs, I saw pictures of them hanging on the wall. There's a picture of Harry when he was little, lying on the sofa with his hippie shades, smiling like cheshire cat. The other one was Harry and Gemma on a slide, playing blissfully. Beside it was their picture of them with their dad, carrying the them on his lap and the other one on the upper left was Harry with his beautiful Mom. He's such a mommy's boy. I can't help but smile as I looked over closely through it. 

"That's Harry when he was like five years old. Isn't he cute?" I took  a step back only to see Gemma on my side. How did she get here without me hearing her footsteps?Fine. I don't want to wonder about it anymore.

"Uh. Yeah." I replied.

"Um. Irish. I'm sorry about that. I should 've kept my emotions in check. I didn't mean to say things like that. In fact, I'd love to see you with Harry 'cause you're such a beautiful and nice person. I just don't want my brother to be a martyr and get  hurt again." Gemma said.

I got her point. She's just being protective with his little brother, like me with George. 

"It's okay. I understand.  I managed to reply though I really don't know what should be the appropriate thing to say.

She then pulled me in a hug. I extended my arm as well to hug her back.

"Thank you." Gemma whispered.

I then pulled out of the hug when I heard Harry calling for me.

"Irish? We gotta get going now." 

"I'm coming!" I yelled at Harry from the upstairs.

I said my goodbye to Gemma and marched down to the kitchen. I peeped Harry and Melissa then, chatting up and laughing at something. 

"Remember when we went to the amusement and you thought you lost me on the crowd?" Mel asked.

"And you walked back to me wearing a big bunny mascot. That really freaked me out."

They both started laughing.

"That was our 2nd monthsarry ." Melissa said.

Harry just looked at her, longing for something.

"Yea. I know." he said.

Melissa then started walking towards Harry. She leaned her face, close enough to kiss the cheeky guy. He caressed Harry's face, looking seductively. Harry tried to get back an inch but Melissa secured him in her arms now.

"Don't you missed this Harry? Tell me, do you? Melissa whispered loudly, just enough for me to hear what she's saying.

Harry's looking at him with no words to say. Of course he did miss that thing. That's what he always wanted in the first place.

I turned away my gaze and stood behind the wall. Should I walk in? Should I interrupt the both of them reminiscing their past? or should I just go?

I took a step on the side, bumping on the table and causing the vase to fell and broke into pieces. Oh Irish, what the hell are you trying to do? Wrong move. Wrong move.

Harry and Melissa abruptly ran from the kitchen and Anne from the living room to see me with a broken glass vase.

"What happened? You alright?" He asked.

"What did you do?" Melissa asked.

"I'm sorry. I accidentally broke it." I said.

"Its okay dear. Don't you worry."  Anne said.

"I'll just clean this thing up." I said as I sat to pick up the pieces.

"No. Just stay behind. I'll do this." Harry said, grabbing my hands away from the broken glass vase.

He started picking up the small pieces of the glass shattered on the floor and put it in the dustpan.

After Harry cleaning the broken glass on the floor, we then said our goodbyes.

"I'm looking forward to see you again Irish so we can do some cooking again and Harry, you take care of her okay?" Anne said.

"Of course Mom. Just tell Gemma we go ahead. Bye love you." Harry replied as he gave a peck on her Mom's cheek. 

"Bye Aunt! See you around." Melissa said.

"Let's go now?" Harry asked and I nodded.


I was silent the whole way back on our hotel, not mentioning anything that's going on my mind. Harry didn't mind me asking too. Maybe he knew I was tired.

We went back on our hotel at around 9 in the evening. I went straight to my room and got to wash up and changed my clothes. 

I turned the lights off, leaving the lamp open. I put on my eye pads and laid on my bed. A good rest would me forget about this long night. 

As I closed my eyes, I heard a soft knock at the door. 

"Irish? Are you still awake? Its Harry." He said.

"Come in." I replied.

I took my eye pads off as he sat beside me.

"What do you need?" I asked.

"Nothing. I just wanna talk to you." Harry said.

"Missed me already huh?" I joked.

"You didn't talk to me the whole ride. If you still think about me and Gemma's fight earlier, Im so sorry.  Just forget about it babe." Harry said.

"I know and its fine. Im just tired." I said.

"Are you sure?" Harry asked.

If I would be honest with you. I'm not really. You know why? because you're making me feel things I shouldn't feel in the first place.  You're making me crazy, Styles and I hate this!

"Yes. Im sure as hell fine. Satisfied? You should sleep now curly." I said, pushing him off my bed.

"No. I'm not gonna leave. I wanna sleep here." Harry said.

"No you're not?" I said.

"Yes I am." Harry smirked.

Harry then pulled the covers and laid beside me like a prince. He took his shirt off, leaving him in boxers.

"What are you doing?" I asked, sitting in bed, eyeing him.

"I told you I'm gonna sleep here tonight." Harry replied, his hands under his head.

"You're going to get out of my room and sleep with Louis!" I said, my hands crossed over my chest.

I pushed him off my bed, too hard that he bumped on the table and fell on the floor. 

"My back. Ouch." He complained, touching his back.

He stood up and walked across me.  "How could you?!" Harry said, still complaining with his back.

"Poor Harry. Ouch oh my back! my back!" I laughed, mimicking him.

"Harry? Boo? Oh here you are. Come on now. Don't disturb the princess from getting some sleep." Louis said. He was peeping through the door, rubbing his eyes.

"You hear Louis? Dont disturb the princess. Now get out of my room." I teased, sticking my tongue out.

"We're not done, Irish." He threatened me as he gestured towards Louis.

"Whatever curly. Night Lou! Sweet dreams!" I yelled at them as I jumped to my bed and drift off.

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