The Contract (till LIES do us part) - a Harry Styles fan-fiction

The story revolves around your ordinary 19-yr old girl, Irish Miller, who is currently working at Starbucks and who will then meet Harry Styles, one of the members of the biggest boy-band of today, One Direction. How does this unplanned meeting and the 'mini contract' will change their lives and their situation? Will it be good for the both of them or will it only cause much trouble? Will they stick on their agreement or just go follow what their hearts truly feel? Find out all the answers as I give you The Contract (till LIES do us part) <3



16. Chapter 16


*Irish's POV*

"What about this one?" I asked El as I looked myself in the mirror, fitting a floral green dress.

"Nah-uh. Wait, Oh here. This will look good on you!" she replied as she picked up another dress on the pile of clothes scattered on my bed.

This night would be my first date.. I mean.. first dating act with Harry. I was kind of nervous and excited at the same time and I only have an hour to prepare for our date tonight.

I wanted to look nice for Harry so he wouldn't be ashamed bringing me on a date especially when we're gonna come along with her ex Melissa.

El then started to work out on my hair. She made small wavy curls at the bottom and did my make-up afterwards.

She got to put a light make-up on my face, stroking a little blush on my cheeks, mascara on my eyes, a little bit of light gold color eyeshadows and a nude lipstick on my lips.  

After almost an hour, we were done. I was now standing in front of the mirror with my pink sleeveless pleated belted laser cut dress El picked for me, my close round toe cream colored  pump shoes and my purse.

"Look at you! You're so gorgeous babe!" El said, clasping my arms.

"Thank you babe. You just made me look beautiful." I replied, tilting my head on her.

"You already are beautiful hun. I just made you look more." She said as we smiled at each other in the mirror.


*Harry's POV*

I was waiting for Irish to finish fixing herself for our date tonight. I was excited to see what she would look like. Wait.. Did I just say that I'm excited to see her? No no. Okay. Never mind.

I was wearing a white shirt with blue coat matching my pants and my gray top sider. I was tossing and walking back and forth on the Sala. I felt so unease for tonight to see my ex girlfriend with Jake. 

I've been waiting for Irish for ages to get out of her room so we could leave.

"Why do girls take so long to prepare? Ugh!" I complained.

"Girls will be girls boo. You should know that." Louis replied, drinking his favorite Yorkshire tea.

After a couple of minutes. El walked out of Irish's room. 

"Where's Irish?" I asked as I glanced at my watch.

Irish then  walked out of her room.

"You.are.stunning.Irish." Louis said like a little kid.

"Thanks Lou. I'm sorry we took so long. C'mon now Harry, we're gonna be late." she said.

Irish really looked stunning tonight with her pink dress and heels, I must say. Her curls fall down her shoulders, her eyes twinkling, her smile that never fails to get me every time. What's happening to me?

"Harry, Come on now. You can stare at me anytime you want but we need to go now." She said, pulling my hand as we walked out of the door.

"Have fun guys!" Eleanor and Louis said in unison.


We soon arrived at The Led bury restaurant. Its ambiance was amazing not until I saw Melissa and Jake waiting for us inside. Melissa waved at us and we headed over to them.

"Hey guys! We're glad you make it!" Melissa said.

We then took our seat. Me and Irish sat across Jake and Melissa. Melissa was wearing a collar black dress, which looked fit on her and Jake, being so formal, wearing a suit and strip neck tie. His eyes were fixed on Irish.

"So how are you Harry? She asked me as we're having our meal for the night.

"He's doing good thank you." Irish replied for me. She kicked my foot as a signal that I should wrap my arms around her and smiled at me. I then do what she wanted. 

We've made little signal for each other so we could make this act a little bit more convincing.

"I'm not talking to you." Melissa said displeased as she wiped something in her mouth.

"Its fine, Mel. How about you and uh.. Him?" I asked. 

Irish and Mel looked at me while the asshole Jake seemed not to be bothered eating.

"I'm good and Jake's doing good too." Mel replied, awkwardly.

"You know what? Your girlfriend is so beautiful and hot." Jake said, winking at Irish.

I pulled Irish beside me and smirked at Jake. 

"I know and I'm lucky to have her." I said, kissing Irish on the cheek.

"Don't you feel the same way with Harry, Irish? Do you?" Jake asked, pompously.

"Jake, stop it." Melissa whispered loudly at Jake.

"What? I was just asking." Jake replied.

"Of course. I sure lucky to have him and I love him more than anything." Irish replied, intertwining our hands. She looked me in the eyes like she really meant what she just said.

Jake just laughed. This guy's definitely weird. I don't know what Melissa sees on him to be quite honest.

"How's the tour going? Where your 
next show will be?" Melissa asked, changing the topic.

"Its going great so far and we're gonna be in Essex the day after tomorrow." I replied.

"That's awesome but too bad I'm gonna have my exams that day." Melissa replied, kind of disappointed.

"You can still come to watch next time." Irish smiled at Melissa but she just rolled her eyes on her.

"What about you? What are the things you're doing while you're with Harry?" Melissa asked Irish.

"Apart from looking after Harry and the boys, I'm starting to do some painting again." Irish replied.

"That sounds nice. Do you paint nudes?" Jake asked and laughed again. 

"No. I don't. I only paint things that amuse me and looks beautiful in my eyes but I can consider new ideas." Irish replied.

"Would you like to make me your model sometime?" Jake asked, trying to impress Irish.

"Sorry, but I prefer to have my boyfriend as my model." Irish replied with an annoyed smile.

"Sorry mate, but you doesn't seem to amuse my girlfriend." I said as I let out a little laugh.

"I heard you used to work at Starbucks. Is that true?" Melissa asked.

"Yea. That's true. That's where I meet Harry then." Irish replied.

"So you got him with a cup of coffee huh?" Jake asked.

Irish now looking at him impatiently.

"Actually, HE got ME with his respect for girls, unlike you mister." Irish replied, her eyebrows raised.

After an hour talking about stuff and everything, we called this a night. 

"We should hang out again soon." Melissa suggested.

"Sure. We can do this on our free time." I replied.

We said our goodbyes as we left off the restaurant. Melissa rode with Jake in his shiny black BMW while me and Irish went to ride on my Range Rover. 

We got back in our hotel past 9 in the evening. The boys were already in their respective rooms. 

I marched towards the couch and rested my head on the pillow.

"You okay babe?" Irish asked as she plopped herself beside me.

"Yeah. Its just my head hurts a little." I replied.

She then pressed her hands softly in my head. I closed my eyes while I felt her massage so relaxing. 

"Are you feeling good?" she asked me.

"Uh-hmm." I managed to reply.

I looked at her, still in her pink dress. Her smooth hands going circles in my head. Her face so calm and beautiful. We could just stay in this position forever. 

"What?" she asked, still massaging my head.

"Nothing. I just wanna thank you for this night and I mean it." I said.

She stopped and cupped my face with her hands.

"You don't need to Harry. Im just doing my part in our plan. In fact, I should be the one thanking you. For helping me and all. Just thank you." Irish replied. She then pulled me in a hug.

"You're welcome babe. I wouldn't think twice helping you though, especially now that we are friends." I replied, hugging her back.

"Hey love birds! Aw you two are so sweet!" Niall yelled at us.

"Be jealous!" I yelled back.

"Ha? Why should I? I got food." Niall replied.

Liam suddenly walked out of his room, rubbing his eyes, apparently woken  up by Niall's voice.

"Niall can you lower your voice? I was trying to get some sleep." Liam said.

"Sorry. I was just talking to Hazza." Niall replied.

"And you two, get in your rooms now. We need to wake up early tomorrow." Liam, just being a daddy instructed the both of us. 

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