The Contract (till LIES do us part) - a Harry Styles fan-fiction

The story revolves around your ordinary 19-yr old girl, Irish Miller, who is currently working at Starbucks and who will then meet Harry Styles, one of the members of the biggest boy-band of today, One Direction. How does this unplanned meeting and the 'mini contract' will change their lives and their situation? Will it be good for the both of them or will it only cause much trouble? Will they stick on their agreement or just go follow what their hearts truly feel? Find out all the answers as I give you The Contract (till LIES do us part) <3



13. Chapter 13

*Louis' POV*

I went to pick up Eleanor in their house and got back on our hotel with her. She'll be out with Irish and Sofie, Irish's best friend, later to have some 'girl time'. We hopped in the elevator up to our room. I pulled my keys out of my pocket and opened the door. And there I saw Liam, Niall and Zayn playing Uno cards. 

Niall glanced over and greeted us with his thick Irish accent. "Hey Lou! Hi El!" 

"Where's Harry and Irish?" I asked them.

"Harry's still sleeping and Irish.. she's in her room." Liam responded.

"I'll just get you guys some drinks!" El said, marching towards the kitchen.

"Have you watched the news?" Zayn asked me.

"About what?" I asked.

"Harry and Irish last night. " Liam said.

"What? How's Irish?" I asked worriedly.

"She's a bit upset about the rumor but she's fine. She's just getting ready now." Liam responded.

A few minutes later, Irish and El headed off to the mall. I left the boys on the couch as I walked in my room to change clothes. 

I then sat in bed next to the sleeping Harry. I opened my phone, intrigued to watch the news they're talking about.

"Hey boo bear." Harry who was now woken up greeted me. I glanced at him and got my eyes back at my phone.

He sat properly beside me as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.

"What are you watching?" He asked me but I didn't bother to reply.

He grabbed my phone out of my hands and looked on it. His eyes 
suddenly grew large.

"One direction were spotted last night at Nandos and Harry Styles clinging with a new girl named Irish. The paparazzi took pictures of them and got to see Harry's ex girlfriend, Melissa in the restaurant too
and left afterwards. According to a trusted source, Irish is staying with the boys in their hotel while they're having their UK tour. Now, the real question that intrigues all directioners is "Is she harry's new girlfriend?" or "she's just one of those girls?" Stay tuned for more showbiz news here on ETZ as we give you the latest updates of your favorite celebrities." 

He snapped up and turned my phone off. 

"Cues for Adele's song. Bam! Rumor has it!" I started singing.

"Where's Irish? I'm afraid she got panic or whatever." He asked me.

He looked so disturbed about it though he's always on the news, getting linked to many other girls what not. But he looked more worried for Irish. 

Hmm..I think its about time for some good prank Styles. 

I sighed before I replied to him, feeling so low.

"She's so upset, you know. We tried to stop her from leaving but she's occupied by the news and yea she just.. she just left crying and Im afraid she wont come back here."

"What? Where did she go? You should've told me earlier! I should've stopped her! She cant just go and leave me!" He shouted at me, having a tight grip on my arms.

He jumped out of bed quickly put his pants and shirt on. He went out of the room, his hair was messy and well curly.

I stood up and walked out of the room next to him.

"Weyhey Harry, where you going?" Niall asked.

"I need to find Irish. She left upset because of the rumor about us. Do you have any idea where she's going?" Harry asked.

God. He's biting his nails and looked so uneasy.

"I know!" Liam chimed in.

Oh no. Liam no. Just shuttup.

"She went out with El and her best friend Sofie to go shopping today. They'll be back later tonight. Why didn't you tell him Louis?" Liam questioned Louis.

Harry then turned his gaze on me. Uh-oh. 

"Loueeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!" Harry yelled.

I titled my head on the wall, laughing at him.

"Oh baby Harry looks like a lost goat without his Irish." Zayn said, pitiful.

"True!" We boys yelled in unison.

"Don't worry Harry, I'm still here. You still have me. I'm Irish too. Not in the name, but in the heart." Niall said, pouting at Harry.

We all cracked up laughing at the poor boy.

"There's nothing funny okay? You guys are all crazy." He said pissed, shaking his head.

"You really are worried about her boo. Look at your face. You're  blushing!" I teased.

"No. I'm not. I'm just thinking about the contract and she cant just run away from me and she must conform to that. Nothing more. Um.. Uh.. Enough with this. I'll just go and take a shower." He said, walking back to our room. His cheeks were still flaming red. He's really bad at hiding it.

*Irish's POV*

The rumor spreading about me and Harry was eating me out. What do I expect? 

I'm living with the biggest boy-band in the world and I'm being in a 'relationship' with one of its members, Harry Styles. Of course, everything would be a big deal.

"Hey Irish. Hey boo!" Sofie said, shaking me out of my thoughts.

"What?" I said, as I got back to reality.

"You're not with yourself again honey. Could you please stop worrying about that shit rumor even just for a minute? That wont make you solve any of it." she said while fitting a pair of blue stilettos.

Sofie went out with me and Eleanor today. We met her at a cafe decided to go mall hopping. We were in the shoe section while El was scanning some clothes across our direction.

"I just cant. Ugh.." I replied, my head ache. 

"Does your 'boyfriend' knows about this?" she asked, air quoting the word boyfriend.

"The hell he cares! He's used to this kind of thing. Getting linked with the girls, ya know, being in the front page of the news." I replied, starting to get irritated.

"Why do you sound so irritated? I was just asking." she replied.

"I'm not. Okay. Kind of. and I doubt he would care about me and this stuff. But what if my Mom finds out? What will I do?" I sighed.

All I was worried about was my Mom finding about this and all the lies I have told her.I wasn't sure if she already saw the news and I hope not. 

"Well, you should start reciting the hopeful mysteries of getting out of trouble babe. That might help you." she joked, wiggling her eyebrows on me.

"But Sofieeeeee. This isn't funny."  I replied, grimaced.

"Okay okay. You have two choices. Its either you tell Aunt the truth or just let her find it out on the news. But if I were you, you just tell her the truth 'cause Aunt will find it out sooner or later." she responded, not even taking a glance on me as she worked on another pair of shoes in the mirror.

Should I tell Mom about it? Should I call her now? Yes. Sofie's right. I should tell Mom about it and I'll call her tomorrow. But for now, I needed some time to unwind.

"I prefer to drink right now."I responded, slapping myself in the forehead.

I slung my arms around Sofie and Eleanor as we stormed out of the boutique to find the nearest bar from the mall..

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