Little Things (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

When Sophie gave birth to her daughter, Emilia, a year ago she promised she wouldn't tell Emilia's father (Harry Styles) who left Sophie and never knew about Emilia. When Sophie and Harry come face to face for the first time in a year, Sophie starts to fall for Harry again. Will Sophie follow her heart and be forced to tell Harry about his daughter? Read Little Things to find out :)


2. Surprises, Surprises

December 2012

Sophie's POV 

Emilia was born on October 3, 2011. The first time I held Emilia was the best feeling in the world. I thought I wouldnt like the feeling of being a mum but its the breath taking. I kept my promise of not telling Harry but the thought always crossed my mind. 
My parents kicked me out of the house when I told them. Thats when I started to struggle. My friend, Brianna, helped me find a flat and she promised she would help me. At least I had one person who cared about me in my life. 
Now here we are.. Emilia or Mia for short is a year and 2 months old. Harry's a big star now. Hear things about him all the time. And me? I work at a diner as a part time waitress while Mia goes to Brianna's house. I guess thats what I get for dropping out of school. But I couldnt have asked for a more perfect daughter. She can say Mummy and little words and Im teaching her how to walk. 
I wake up every morning with the sound of her voice calling for me. And thats how my day started today. I got out of bed and went into Mia's room and took her out of her crib. I started to get her ready for Brianna's house. It was the same thing every week day morning. 
Mia hardly ever cried and when she did I always knew something was wrong. I guess I can say im a good mother but i always have my ups and downs with it. 
People from school dont talk to me anymore but if they do theyre always calling a slut. I dont care anymore. I have what need in my life and it doesn't include them in it. The only person that supports me and my decions is Brianna and sometimes her mum.

I put Mia into her stroller and started to walk to Brianna's flat. It was a cold and cloudy day which was normal for Chesire weather. 

When I got to Brianna's flat, i gave Mia to Brianna and kissed Mia good-bye. I started to walk away from the flat when i heard Mia. "No mummy! No!" She started to whine and cry. I ran right back to her. "Baby girl, whats the matter?" I asked taking her from Brianna. "No mummy!" She whined as she rested her head on my shoulder. My heart broke. She never did this. I looked at Brianna for help. I was almost scared for Mia. I didnt know what she wanted or why all of a sudden she wants me to stay. 

I ended up being a little late for work because I had to put Mia to sleep so I could sneak out. I couldnt get my mind off her. I was really nervous. I kept asking myself if she needed another family member in her life like my mum. Would that make a difference? 

Towards the end of my shift, my friend /co-worker Lexy, caught me day dreaming. "Hey! You have one last table that just sat down. The faster you serve them, the faster you get to go home to that baby girl of yours." Lexy said. I pulled at my phone and checked the time but also looked at my screensaver of my baby. "Ok." I said giving her a smile. 

I headed over to my newly seated table , not looking up from the ticket I take their orders on. "Hi my name is Sophie and I'll be your waitress today. Can I get you something to drink?" I asked still not looking up. "I'll have a cup of tea." I heard one boy say. "A water, please." I heard i from an irish boy. "Tea please love." Another British boy said. "Same please." Another british boy said. Four boys. This could be good. "I'll be right back with those." I said walking over to Lexy. 

"No way!" Lexy said hitting my shoulder. "Owh, what?" I asked starting to get the boy's drinks. "Thats 4 of the guys from One Direction!" Lexy said in a whispered tone. My head shot up and looked back at the table. I saw all of them except Harry.... Good i didnt want to see him.

As I walked back to the "One Direction" table I saw a tall man standing at the head of the table. I excused my self and gave everyone their drinks as they all talked. 
"Sophie?!?" I heard a deep husky voice  say. My heart dropped as I turned around to see Harry standing right next to me......


Hey guys hope you like it so far!

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