Little Things (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

When Sophie gave birth to her daughter, Emilia, a year ago she promised she wouldn't tell Emilia's father (Harry Styles) who left Sophie and never knew about Emilia. When Sophie and Harry come face to face for the first time in a year, Sophie starts to fall for Harry again. Will Sophie follow her heart and be forced to tell Harry about his daughter? Read Little Things to find out :)


3. Reunited

Harry's POV

I had told the lads to meet me at this diner in my home town this afternoon just so we could hang out. I used to always go to this diner and I havent been there in so long.

I found the lads right away and went straight to their table. "Hey Haz!" Louis said. "Hey lads." I said standing there. "Excuse me." I heard a soft britsh accent from behind me. I moved out of the way for the waitress carrying their drinks. My jaw dropped when I saw my old girlfriend standing right there. "Sophie?!??!" Thats all i could say. She turned around slowly and faced me. "Hi Harry." She said not making eye contact. I've missed her the most. I know i cheated on her but it was a mistake. I loved Sophie.

Sophie started to walk away as i tried to catch up to her. "Wait Sophie!" I asked stopping her. She finally stopped and face me. "How have you been? I havent seen you in like forever." I said. I could tell she didnt want to talk. "Harry stop trying to forget about what you did to me." She said walking away. I stood there staring at her and finally i waked back up to her. "Sophie I've changed. I truly have missed you." She rolled her eyes at me. "How about we go out tonight just to catch up on things with you?" I asked. "I dont want to go on a date with you." She said giving me a nasty look. I really understood how upset she was. "But its not a date, think of it as a get together" i said smiling at her. She looked up at me. "Fine." She hesitated. "But just this once." She said. I leaped for joy on the inside. "I'll call you later with the details. Here's my number." I said writing down my number on a napkin. I smiled then walked back to our table.


Sophie's POV

"Fine, but just this once." I said. I felt like I had a million butterflies in my stomach. I never realized how much i missed Harry until i had him standing next to me. Harry gave me his number and sat down. I couldnt finish that table after what just happened so i asked Lexy to do it for me.

I left to pick up my baby and tell Brianna what happened to me. I picked up my baby girl and gave her the biggest hug as i say down to tell Brianna the story. "Are you two going to get back together? A celebrity couple? No way!" Brianna couldnt stop talking. "Wow slow down, who said anything about getting back together." I asked starting to get up to leave. "Besides I still dont want him to know about Mia." I said heading out the door.

At home, i put Mia in her playpen thats in my room and started to find and outfit for tonight. I didnt see myself getting back together with Harry but I stilled missed him and wanted to look nice.

I pulled out a pair of black skinny jeans, a white top, black jacket and black heels ( see picture). I left my hair down, naturally curly and did my makeup. I sat tere waiting for Harry to text me. I got Lexy to watch Mia this time.  

I watched Lexy play with Mia as i waited for Harry. "Hes not trying to miss this is he?" Lexy asked. "No he said he would be here soon. " i said putting on my jacket.

Just then there was a knock at my door. I headed to the door and went into hallway where Harry was waiting. "Wow, you look great!" Harry said making me blush. "Thank you." I said as Harry led me to the lift.

Tonight Harry took me a restaurant and the we just took a walk. We talked a lot and would at some points he would make me laugh. Thats the harry i misses, not the big star Harry Styles but the cute sweet and funny Harry Styles. He made me think a lot about telling him but not just yet, i want to see where this "new" relationship is going.

Harry walked me home and we stopped at my door. "Thanks Harry i had fun." I said bitting my lower lip. "Yea I did too. Hope we can do this again sometime." He said smiling. I smiled back. "Can i come in?" Harry asked. Those words froze me. All i thought was "oh no the baby!" I had to either come up with a good plan or just be rude and say no. I thought of a quick plan to say that shes my daughter and there's no father. "Sure." I said opening up the door.

I directed Harry to sit on the couch as I took his jacket.lexy had snuck out before we made it upstairs. I wanted to see how Harry would react to Mia so i decided to bring her out.

"Would u like to meet someone?" I asked walking towards him with Mia in my arms. "Sure." Harry said as he turned around. He looked at me in shock but confused. He looked like he needed so explanation. "Harry this is Emilia, my daughter." I said....

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