Little Things (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

When Sophie gave birth to her daughter, Emilia, a year ago she promised she wouldn't tell Emilia's father (Harry Styles) who left Sophie and never knew about Emilia. When Sophie and Harry come face to face for the first time in a year, Sophie starts to fall for Harry again. Will Sophie follow her heart and be forced to tell Harry about his daughter? Read Little Things to find out :)


4. Loads of Thoughts

Harry's POV 

Her daughter? I didnt realize she was in a relationship with someone after me and i didnt know it was that serious. I stood there looking at her and i knew i had to say something. 

"Your daughter? Where's the father?" I asked. I shouldnt have asker her that, it might be a rough topic for her. "Not in the picture." She said with a sad face. Poor Sophie. I wish I could just give her a big hug.

"She looks just like you." I said trying to break the silence. "Thanks. Mia's a wonderful daughter. Couldnt ask for anything better." She said holding the baby close to her. "How old is Mia?" "A year." Sophie said smiling. 

Sophie led me to the couch to sit down where we were talking some more until I had to go. Sophie led me to the door. "If you ever need help with taking care of Mia, I'm here for you." I said. "Thanks Harry. Goodnight." She said as she closed the door behind me. 

It felt good to see Sophie but its going to take some time to get used to her being a mum. I really missed Sophie but she obviously doesn't feel the same back. She probably never wants to see me again.

Sophie's POV

I walked Harry to the door then lied down on the couch with Mia still in my  arms. I wondered if it was a mistake for telling Harry that i have a kid but at least he doesnt know shes his. 

Even though I dont want it to be but i think that it might be the last time I was going to see him in a while. I missed his curly brown hair and emerald green eyes and seeing them today just made me feel like a way I havent felt in a long time.

It was nice of him to offer to help me. He always was a helping guy. Thats another thing i miss. I really wish i knew of he felt the same way. I was thinking too much, do i decided to put Mia to bed and then sleep myself. Maybe it will help keep my mind off things. 

Harry's POV 

I got back to mine and Louis' flat to find Louis watching TV. I thought about Sophie and her daughter the whole ride home. I was really happy to see her. I missed her but I dont think she wants me back in her life considering she has a child. She probably not looking for a relationship. 

"Hey Haz. How did it go?" Louis asked snapping me out of my deep thoughts. "It was good untill we got back to her flat." I said collapsing onto the couch. "What happened?" Louis asked. "She introduced me to her...her daughter." That was hard to say. I dont know why though. "Her daughter? She was in a relationship after you?" Louis was as shocked as i was. "I guess i didnt ask her. I didnt want her to think i care but i actually do." I said. "You should ask her to hang out again. Try to get more information out of her." Louis said. Louis was right, I do need to get more information. I might be able to find out if she wants to maybe go out again. 

I went into my room and pulled my phone out. I found Sophie's number and started to text her.

To: Soph(: 
        Hey Soph! I had a great time tonight! Maybe we should do it again. How about tomorrow? 

She used to love me calling her Soph. No one but me called her that. She was really the only girl I ever cared about. Yes, since I've became famous I dated a few girls but I've never really felt the way I did when I was with Sophie. 

After I sent that text I couldnt sleep. My thoughts kept me up. What if I do get back together with Sophie? Does she even want me back? So much was going through my mind. I just needed her to answer that message.

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