Little Things (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

When Sophie gave birth to her daughter, Emilia, a year ago she promised she wouldn't tell Emilia's father (Harry Styles) who left Sophie and never knew about Emilia. When Sophie and Harry come face to face for the first time in a year, Sophie starts to fall for Harry again. Will Sophie follow her heart and be forced to tell Harry about his daughter? Read Little Things to find out :)


6. Harry To the Rescue

Sophie's POV

Harry and I have been back together for a week now and things couldnt have been any better. Harry is in love with Mia. Hes always holding her and playing with her when ever he came over which was most of the time. He came over almost every day just to make sure im ok. Hes such a great boyfriend. 

I had just woke up and was laying in my bed cuddling with Mia when I heard a knock on the door. I looked at my clock. 8:00. Harry's here early. I got up and put on my purple robe and took Mia to the door.

I opened the door to see it wasnt Harry. I held Mia close to me. The man wore a suit and towered over me. "Miss Sophie Allen?" The man asked. "Yes?" I asked. He handed me a folded piece of paper. "You've havent be able to pay your rent. We have giving you plenty of chances to pay it and you haven't. We are asking you to leave. You have an hour and a half to pack up your belongings. What ever is not packed away in boxes will be our property." The man walked away.  I felt hot tears streaming down my face. Its true I had been struggling with paying my rent. 

I ran around my flat packing up all the important things. Mostly i packed everything of Mia's, mine and her clothing, personal items and whatever I felt that i couldnt leave behind. 

Still in my robe and Mia in her pajamas I took one last look at the flat and threw my phone and car keys in my pocket picked up my baby girl and held her tight. I started to cry waiting for the man to return.

The man knocked and walked in. I stood beside the 10 packed boxes holding Mia. "I'll have a few men help you take your boxes to your car. Please hand over the flat's keys." I handed him the key and started to walk down the hallway to my car. Still not in regular clothes. I feel like a failure to my daughter. I feel like im not proving anything to anyone. 

A man put the last box in my car. I put Mia in her carrier and i got in the car. My car is packed full of boxes. Where am i going? I sat there crying. I cant ask anyone for me to live with them. Thats just too much to ask.

Harry's POV 

I pulled in to Soph's flat's parking lot at around 10. I walked to her door and the door was wide open. I walked in and all the furniture is gone. I saw a man walk out Soph's room. "Can I help you?" The man asked me. "Sophie Allen, do you know where she is?" I asked. "She's been asked to leave the complex for not being able to pay her rent." The said. My heart was racing. I ran out of the room and down to the parking lot and thats where i saw her in her car sobbing. 

I walked over to her car and knocked on the window. She jumped and got out of the car. She was still wearing her robe and something tells me she didnt have much notice on this. "Harry!' She sobbed into my shoulder. I rubbed her back and pulled her close. "Im such a failure." She said. "You're not a failure." I whispered in her ear. I stood there holding her in my arms for a few minutes then she backed away. "I dont know where I'm going to live." She said wiping the tears away. I cant let my girlfriend have no place to live. "Come stay with me... Until you find a place." She looked at me shocked. "Really? You wouldn't mind having a baby and girlfriend in the house?" She was asking like i didnt mean it. "Of corse." I kissed her forehead. "Just follow me and i'll take you there." I kissed her and got into my car and drove to my flat.

Sophie's POV 

Harry's timing showing up was perfect. I followed him to his flat. He helped me carry my boxes to the room. He unlocked te door and let me and Mia in. "Feel free to look around and I'll finish getting the boxes." Harry kissed me and walked out of the flat. 

The flat was bigger than mine. Its nice.  Harry came up to me while i was on the balcony. "All done. I'll set up Mia's crib in my computer room and you will be stating with me." Harry said wrapping his arms around me. "Hmm I like that." I said giving him a kiss. I walked away to go unpack my clothes. 

Harry finished putting together the crib before I finished unpacking. "Im going to play with Mia." Harry said poking his head into his room or should i say our room. "Ok babe." I said.

I finished unpacking(finally) and walked out to the livening room. Harry way lying on the couch with Mia sleeping on his chest. It was the cutest thing ever!!! I tip-toed over to the couch and kneeled beside them. Harry was awake. "You're too cute Harry." I whispered. "I know." He said stroking my cheek. Having Harry with me, taking care of Mia just felt complete like we were a family. Im glad we're back together but now i need to decide if i should tell him. No. Its only been a week. Im not ready yet. 

Later that night after I put Mia to bed, me and Harry cuddled in his bed just talking and kissing... Mostly kissing. Harry lyed down and wrapped me in his arms. "Soph, how about we go look for a Christmas tree together." Harry said. I almost forgot that Christmas was in a week. "That would be nice. Thank you for all of this. It means a lot." I said. "Anything for you babe." He said kissing me. Harry was amazing. Christmas tree shopping? He never wanted to do that when we were together. He really has changed. He grew up. Thats the Harry i wanted back.

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