Little Things (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

When Sophie gave birth to her daughter, Emilia, a year ago she promised she wouldn't tell Emilia's father (Harry Styles) who left Sophie and never knew about Emilia. When Sophie and Harry come face to face for the first time in a year, Sophie starts to fall for Harry again. Will Sophie follow her heart and be forced to tell Harry about his daughter? Read Little Things to find out :)


1. Flash Of the Past

Hey guys! This is my first fan-fic so please no hate :) Hope you like it! :) 
New Years Eve 2010 
Sophie's POV
My parents were out of town for New Years and I was going to be home by myself. I decided to invite my boyfriend, Harry over to keep me company. Harry had just gotten back from being on the X-factor in a band called One Direction with 4 other boys. It was a lonely few months without him. 
When Harry got to my house, I knew exactly what he had in mind knowing that my parents werent in town. I closed the door behind Harry and he then pushed me against the wall kissing my neck. I love you so much Soph. He said in between kisses. I ran my fingers through his curly hair and rubbed my hand all over his back. Are you sure you want to do this? I dont want to force you.Harry said backing away. Harry, i love you and im sure i want to do this.' I said. My words brought a smile to Harry's face as he took off his shirt and kissed me. Harry picked me up bridal style and brought me to my room where he put me down on the bed and started to remove my clothing. 
I woke up the next morning in Harry's strong arms. I opened my eyes to Harry's emerald eyes staring at me. I love you Soph. Hearing his nickname for me made me smile. And i love you Harry.

A few months later I found out I was pregnant. I was really excited to tell Harry but thats when he started to become really famous and he cheated on me with some older woman. I knew it was over between us so i promised myself it would just be better for Harry not to know about the baby. All the baby needed was me and because i knew she wasn't going to be able to have a father, i dropped out of school. My life of a mum started when I was only 2 months pregnant. I worried sometimes about Harry finding out but then again hes famous now... What does he care about me anymore.
Tell me what you guys think :)  
Enjoy! :)

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