#Imagine One Direction

Hello! Okay so these are my Imagines that I made and if you want one look at first chapter and comment what it tells you :) ! ! ! If you want to get a taste of some of my imagines before you want your own you can read some of the others! Thank you, xx Stephanie


21. Stephanie and Niall

  "I'll be around," you friend giggled to you and left you standing in the middle of the club hopelessly alone. Desperate to get out of the way of the drunken, grinding young adults you scrambled to a table in the front and sat watching the other people laugh and have smiles on their face. 

  "May I?" You stared up at a blonde boy who seemed to be laughing his ass off moments earlier but asked politely to sit next to you. You nodded your head then stared back down at your hands that were in your lap. You got that weird feeling that you knew someone was staring at you but you didn't want to look; but you did anyway. You stared up just to peak at the blonde boy who had his eyes planted on you with a small grin on his face. "Sorry, um I'm Niall." His grin turned into a cheeky smile and picked his hand up waiting for you to shake it.

  "Uh I'm Stephanie," you reached up and shook his hand then quickly went back to staring down. 

  "That's a nice name." He interrupted the small gap of silence between you two. 

  "Thanks," you stared up to show a small smile then looked across the room to try and find your friend. You never really liked to communicate with other, but when in a bar never. You bite your bottom lip, failing at spotting a single sign of her. 

  "Aye, two please." You looked over to the boy who had his hand in the air with two fingers up, looking at the skinny pretty chick of a bar tender that was less that 10 feet away from the table. Not soon after, the girl with long blonde hair came over with two large sized glasses with some kind of drink inside it. She flashed a good smile at the Niall boy then hurried off back to where she had been, but on her way back she made sure she had his attention on her ass.

  You quickly turned your head when he turned to look at you. You didn't want him knowing you were watching him, watch her. "Here. It's on me." You felt the cold glass that was 'sweating' hit the back of your hand. 

  "Uh I don't really drink. Sorry." You didn't dare make eye contact. 

  "Well den, your missing out." You heard him laugh. You thought for a second then realized you never done anything bad before, you always followed what people said. 

  "What kind i-is it?," you said very low.

  "Huh?," he smiled.

  "What kind is it," you looked up and actually made eye contact with him. He seemed to stare inside your soul with his sky blue eyes. "Hello? What kind is it?," you said again. He shook his head slightly and smiled.

  "Oh uh it's Mulled Wine. It's really good! Me and me pa usually drink it during the holidays." You touched the tall glass then lifted it taking a few sips. Then a few gulps. Then you finished it.

  "That's good," you smiled. "Thanks."

  "No problem babe." You pushed your glass forward and stared back out to the crowd awkwardly. "Oh I love this song!," you heard Niall whisper just enough for you to hear. The song that was playing was, fly me to the moon. It was unusual for a club to play the song but it is a really good song.

  "Really?," you questioned him with a smile. "He's really good!" 

  "Would you like to dance?," he stood up from the table and stared at you. You thought for a second and shook your head, no. "Aw come on! Don't leave a Irish man here standing alone on this amazing song!"

  "Fine," you smiled and stood up and followed him to the middle of the dance floor.

  "In other words. Hold my hand, in other words. Baby kiss me... Feel my heart with song and let me sing with farther more," the song continued. Niall didn't dance like the other around us not caring about the song, they seemed just to continue to grind but not Niall. He put his hand on your lower back and placed your one hand on his shoulder and other hand in his and danced around side to side with a cheering smile. The song didn't last long but it was special to you. 

  "That was fun," you smiled and let go of him as the song ended. 

  "It really was," he smiled back and stared in your eyes. The next song that hit your ears was Bruno Mars, when I was your man. He seemed to walk closer to you and smiled bigger. "Why haven't I met you earlier in life?" 

  You shrugged and laughed,"because my Nan be telling me stay away from cute boys. They're always the bad ones."

  "So I'm cute now am I," he laughed.

  "Eh," you smirked. 

  "Eh? What's that supposed to mean?" He didn't whip the smile off his face.

  "It means that I'm not getting into a relationship with another dumb boy," you eye balled him with the same smirk.

  "Now your calling me dumb? Oh boy your going to be a handful," he laughed to himself then stood only a few cm from touching bodies with you.

  "And that's supposed to mean?," you rose your eye brows. He gripped your sides and pushed your body against his and smashed his lips on yours. 

  "That." He simply said after breaking the long kiss between you two.


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