#Imagine One Direction

Hello! Okay so these are my Imagines that I made and if you want one look at first chapter and comment what it tells you :) ! ! ! If you want to get a taste of some of my imagines before you want your own you can read some of the others! Thank you, xx Stephanie


24. Nicole and Niall

  "Yeah I know, ugh mother!," you walked down the street, with a cup of coffee in your hand and your phone in the other talking with your mum. "I get it." She was talking about how you should try harder with trying to find a better place to live and getting a new job with a better pay. The sidewalks were pretty bare and empty which is unusual because their's almost 100 people on the sidewalk at any hour. "Okay, Okay good bye," you hung your phone up sliding it in your pocket. You cuffed your coffee mug trying to get your hands warm. It was in the middle of winter and you had barley any heavy clothes on so you were freezing. You were about a mile and a half away from your apartment so your screwed. "God dammit!," out of no where through a alley way a boy jumped out and bumps you, making you spill your drink on yourself and on the ground. "Watch where your going!," you yelled at the boy who seemed a year older or two than you. 

  "Sorry, um let me help," he dabbed your coat a few times then scratched the back of his head not knowing what to do.

  "It's fucking like 10 at night, why are you running in the alley ways?"

  "Well a simple hello or what's your name would have worked first," he turned and started walking totally ignoring your question. 

  "Wait!," you paced and caught up with him walking by his side. "Fine I'm Nicole, and your?"

  "Niall. Thanks for asking," he said sarcastic. 

  "Well Niall why are you running out here at night?"

  "I should be asking you the same. Why are you out here? A innocent little girl like yourself shouldn't be out here after dark. There's bad people out here." 

  "Innocent? You don't know me."

  "Yeah but how you look, you seem like the innocent kind." 

  "But you called me little! I'm not little thanks. I'm (y/a) thanks." 

  "And I'm 20. Your younger meaning your little to me." He sped up on his walking and turned a street the opposite way from your apartment. You groaned and ran after him. 

  "You can't just walk away after spilling a girl's coffee on her!," you grabbed his arm and turned him to face you. Your brown eyes seemed to get lost in the ocean blue of his. 

  "Then what do I do?," he made no emotion in his face. 

  "I don't know! Just- I don't know. Just not that."

  "Well what do you want me to do?"

  "I don't know. If you could walk me back to my place that'd be nice."


  "Because like you said theirs bad people out here. And it'd be good having company." He rolled his eyes and turned walking again. "Please," you didn't move from where you stood. You think he got the message you weren't wanting to walk back by yourself because he turned around seeing you didn't follow him again. "Please Niall. It's getting late and maybe you need a place to crash?"

  "Fine," he whispered under his breath. He walked back over to you, and you led him the right direction again. 

  "So... why were you in the alleys?"

  "No reason. Just girls. Screaming girls."


  "Crying, screaming, yelling. Alot of words I could use. It took me by surprise actually. I didn't think their would be girls out this late thats why I took a walk but nope I was wrong."

  "Wait why were they screaming?," you stared up at him. 

  "Is that a real question?"

  "Well yeah..."

  "I'm from the boy band One Direction, babe," he laughed. You stared up with a confused look still. "You don't know who I am?"

  "Well Niall I guess. If that's your real name," you laughed.

  "It is. But you don't know who I am? Are you sure?"


  "Well this is the first," he smiled. "One Direction is a famous boy band which I'm in and I don't meet alot of girls who don't know who we are."

  "Is that a bad thing?," you bit your lip.

  "No, it's actually cool. You can treat me like a normal human being cause that's what I am."

  "Well no dip," you laughed. "Famous or not your a ass for spilling my coffee. It was some good shit!," you smiled up at him. 

  "Well my bad! I'll owe you, alright?," he smiled back. 

  "You'll owe me twice actually."


  "Yes because I was going to kick your ass back there because this is a new coat and it's the only thing I have to wear till I get home plus my coffee was 2.42 ! I didn't even get half way done with it. I love my coffee." 

  "Well thank god for that. I don't know what to say to my lads if I got beat by a girl over her coffee," he laughed. 

  "You'd say I met a perfect girl that was beautiful, had amazing black hair and the best eyes you've ever seen but you got hit a few times or alot of times by her," you smiled thinking of how it'd sound if he actually said that.

  "That's not how I would of said it but you know I might of," he laughed. It was silent most of the way to your house but you two had slight conversations about each other and how your lifes were. 

  "You could come in if you'd like," you smiled opening the apartment buildings door to enter the building. 

  "Nah I'm fine. I have to head back anyway."

  "Another mile and a half back in this weather? At this time of night? Are you nuts!"

  "Eh sometimes," he laughed. 

  "Come on in. Just call whoever and tell them you crashed at a friends house. I have some hot chocolate and stuff up stairs we can have." 

  "I really should get back tho-" You stepped over to him and grabbed his hand.

  "Please just come in," you stared up at him with a gentle smile on your face. He tightened your hands smiling back.

  "Fine, but I have to get going in the morning." You led him back up to your apartment and made you two some hot chocolate and chatted and watched a movie before it hit 12. "Well I'm off to bed Niall," you came in the living area to stare at Niall laying down on the couch. 

  "Aw," he made the cutest face with his eyes. 

  "Night," you laughed and turned heading down the small hall. 

  "Wait!," he yelled. You walked back out and stared at him. He was now on his feet walking over to you. He stood infront of you with a smile and hugged you. "Night." 

  "Night," you felt yourself blush. You laid your head on his chest to hear the heart beat of a steady pace. Boom-boom. Boom-boom. 

  "See you in the morning," he pulled away and planted a kiss on your cheek. 

  "Yeah. In the morning," you looked up at him. You two stared deeply into each others eyes before he leaned slowly to your face connecting his lips to yours. 


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