#Imagine One Direction

Hello! Okay so these are my Imagines that I made and if you want one look at first chapter and comment what it tells you :) ! ! ! If you want to get a taste of some of my imagines before you want your own you can read some of the others! Thank you, xx Stephanie


17. Niall and Sophie

  "Hurry up!," a lady said banging on the only changing room on the beach.

  "Sorry almost done!," You said back to the lady that was on the other side of the door. You slid on your bottom peice of your two peice swimsuit and grabed your top peice. You put it over your head, putting it on (it had no straps). The two peice was pink. The lady banged about two more times before you came out.

  "Finally," she said releaved. You gave her a rude look because she was being really impacient. You walked back to your beach chair that was layed out in the sun. You sat down watching the parents, kids, grandparnets, ect. But when I lifted my head to the right I spotted a face that I reconized. You examined the guy as he swam in the lake. You got up and started over to him, still thinking of a name that matched him. "Was it Greg? Niall? Austin?," you thought to yourself. You finally were only a little ways from the water where he was. You watched as his spine showed threw his back, his arms swushing back and forth every time he swam. He turned, spotting you looking at him. He gave you a quick smirk before swimming back to the shallow part where you were standing.

  "Hello?," you said to him with a smile as he stood infront of you.

  "Hey," he smiled back. "You like what you see or something," he said joking. You laughed, and shook your head.

  "Nah, I just thought I knew you or something. You look like a friend of mine," you said tilting your head, examing him.

  "Well, what's that friends name?"

  "His name is Austin, but I know your not him, but are you from a band by any chance?," you said straightening your head. He nodded. Right when he said yes you knew who he was.

  "One Direction," he said smiling then turning away, thinking that you'd scream or something.

   "Hey, Where you going!," you yelled to him as he walked off.

  "Going for a swim, want to come? Come," he said turning back smiling.


  It's now been about 2 hours since you and Niall started to swim, talk and be idiots. "So, your from (y/state), that's a wonderful place," he said to you with a large smile, showing his purly whites.

  "Yea, I live there by myself, but why are you up here when your all the from Ireland?," you asked as you guys swam in circles together.

  "Tour. But i'm off today, and I'm glad I was. I got to meet you," he said coming closer to you.

  "I'll take that as a compliment," you said giggling. He smirked.

  "Well, you have really pretty green eyes," he said standing right in front of you in the water.

  "Back at cha, but your blue eyes are so adorable," you said smiling. He blushed. You seen him jump under water and you followed him. He stoped looking at you and you looked back. He swam to you and held you close to him, he did this with a smile(Still underwater). You wraped your arms around his kneck and pulled him to you, kissing him. He pulled you both above water as you two kissed.

  "Your my princess, now," he said mumbling under the wonderful kiss. You blushed and pulled away.

  "And your my prince," he smashed your lips together again.


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