#Imagine One Direction

Hello! Okay so these are my Imagines that I made and if you want one look at first chapter and comment what it tells you :) ! ! ! If you want to get a taste of some of my imagines before you want your own you can read some of the others! Thank you, xx Stephanie


16. Niall and Emily/Em

  "Berg, Berg, Berg!," your alarm went off. You sighed and rubbed your eyes looking up on the wall. You pulled yourself up and stretched your arms. You got up off your bed and went to your closet grabing the uniform that was for your school. It was a green suit shirt, and a plaid shirt. You went to your bathroom and changed, brushed your hair and put it up in a messy bun. Brushed your teeth and watched your face. Now you were ready to go.

  - School -

  "Hey Em!," your best friend, Alyssa came up to your locker and smiled.

  "Hey," you said smiling back at her.

  "Have you seen the new boy yet! He's so adorable!," she said waving her hand like she was hot when she said he was so adorable. You laughed at her actions.

  "Nah, I never talk to new people. They creep me out," you said shutting your locker door, holding books in your hand. You and Alyssa started to walk down the hall and talk about the new kid, Niall.

  "Bye!," she said waving going a sepreate way then you because she had to go to English. But this periode you had Study Hall so you just walked around some more. You turned a corner and ended up running into someone, dropping all of your stuff. It was a girl. She looked at you as your books fell to the ground and you triped. She smirked and walked past you, you watched her as walked off not caring. "Ugh," you said very loudly and started to pick stuff up and all of a sudden you seen arms reach down and help you pick up your stuff. You quickly looked up and seen a blonde boy, with icey blue eyes that sparkled in the light. You gazed at him not knowing that he was trying to hand you your books.

  "Here you go miss," the boy said snapping you out of your day dreaming.

  "Oh, sorry. um, Thanks," you said smiling and grabing the books from his hands, when you went to grab them your hands touched and you smiled. You stood up and pulled down your shirt. "You must be new here?," you said looking in his eyes.

  "Yea, I was just trying to find my way to Study Hall," he said staring back in your blueish, greenish hazel eyes. You gave him a slight smile.

  "I'm in there now, but I don't go because I usally don't have anything to work on besides read," you said leaning against some lockers.

  "So I don't have to go?," he said smiling.

  "If you have nothing to do then no," you said giggling. He nodded.

  "Do you want to go to the cafetria and talk or something?," he said shly.

  "Sure," you said standing straight and started to walk with him.

-- End of the Day --

  "You know why I love the name Emily?," Niall said holding you tight to him as you guys were behind the school.

  "Why," you said fliping your brown hair so it wasn't in your face.

  "Because when I call you Em, all that's left is 'ily' which means I love you," he said smiling showing his teeth. You felt yourself smile and blush.

  "Well, I love you too, because...your ..uh your, yourself?," you said laughing a bit. You both giggled then you felt Niall's lips hit yours. You suddenly blushed and kissed him back. That kiss felt like fireworks, for you.


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