#Imagine One Direction

Hello! Okay so these are my Imagines that I made and if you want one look at first chapter and comment what it tells you :) ! ! ! If you want to get a taste of some of my imagines before you want your own you can read some of the others! Thank you, xx Stephanie


20. Maddie and Niall

  "Want to take a swim now?," your close friend (her/n) asked. You removed your shades from your face and stared at her.

  "Yea, I guess. I think I'm tan enough," you laughed then got up from your beach towel and took out your bun which let your red hair flow free.

  "We've been tanning for over two hours I think were good," she joked. You nodded and you both went arm in arm down to the water shore.

  "Man, it's freezing!," You jumped as your foot hit the cold water.

  "So," your friend laughed. "Lets go," she pulled you along, deeper into the lake. When you were both up to your belly button you let go of each other.

  "You first," you said telling her to go all the way in. She frowned.

  "Fine but you better come in, after me." She held her nose and dove under water. You waited and looked around at everyone else in the water, but these two boys caught your eye. One was blonde and one was a brunette. They were laughing, and splashing away. 'Man they're cute', you thought. "Hello?", your friend said waving her hand infront of your face, trying to get your attention.

  "Yea? Sorry," you tried laughing it off. She smirked.

  "Oh. I see," she started to swim towards the boys. Your heart was pounding when she got up to them so you dove in and swam after her. When you got next to her the boys were staring at you. But the blonde one was smirking to. You leaned over to your friend and whispered, "What'd you say?"

  She smiled and whispered back, "I just said that you were checking them out, that's all." You felt a lump form in your throat. "Oh I'm (her/n) and this is Maddie," your friend said shaking there hands.

  "I'm Harry and this is Niall," the brunette said. You stared at your friend who was now blushing as she shook Harry's hand. Which only made you laugh. You heard someone else start to laugh so you looked up and it was Niall. Why was he? You stared at Harry who was as red as a cherry. "Oh shut up Ni," Harry said punching Niall's shoulder playfully.

  "Yea you too Maddie," your friend said letting go of Harry's hand and stared at you. "Why don't you and Niall go bond or something?"

  "Yes please," Harry said after. I nodded then looked at Niall who was frozen.

  "How about Blondey," you joked holding out your hand for him.

  He giggled and grabbed your hand. You swam him over away from your friend and Harry, who were now chatting up a storm. "So," he said breaking the awkward silence.

  "I'm Maddie," you said.

  "I know, your friend over there said that." You felt stupid for a minute. Shoot.

  "Um," you blushed out of embarrassment.

  "It's alright," he said grabbing your hand. You looked up to see his beautiful crystal blue eyes staring at your blue eyes. "You got pretty eyes."

  "So do you," you giggled. He blushed slightly and pulled you close to him, twirling you in his arms in the water. You laid your head on his chest as he did this. After hours of talking you, your friend, Harry and Niall went back to their flat that they shared.

  "Me and Maddie will be in my room," Niall said to Harry and your friend.

  "Alright, don't do anything crazy," Harry laughed. You got red, then Niall took your hand in his and led you up the stairs to his room.

  "So this is my room," he opened the door, letting go of your hand to show you his room. It had blue walls, different kinds of guitars hung up on the walls and on the ground. A big plan white bed, with a big flat screen TV sitting on a stand across the room.

  "It's beautiful," you said smiling.

  "Reminds me of you," he said coming behind you hugging you.

  "Aw," you said blushing. You turned to face him, hugging him back. Your hands were around his neck and his arms were wrapped around your waist. You let go of him but he didn't let go of your waist.

  "Your so pretty." You both stared in each others eyes and felt each others face get closer to each other. His soft lips hit yours and you were surprised how gentle he was. You pulled away.

  "Will you be my-" he cut you off by kissing you once more.

  He pulled away, "Yes."


 Hope you liked it! <3

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