#Imagine One Direction

Hello! Okay so these are my Imagines that I made and if you want one look at first chapter and comment what it tells you :) ! ! ! If you want to get a taste of some of my imagines before you want your own you can read some of the others! Thank you, xx Stephanie


7. Liam and Karela

   You were just waking up to go to school, when you hear you phone buzz. You went to your purse that held all your things from your phone to your keys. You smiled as you seen,"Bunny boo: Liam" show up. You grabed your phone and layed on your bed and opened the text.

  To: Karela ; From: Liam

  Hello, babe! I missed you...alot .xx I'm sorry for what happened last week.. Please forgive me! <3 Love, Liam xxx :)

  What he did was, you tryed talking to him all day last Wen.,but he ignored you and payed attention to his friends, Allen, Aaron, Jacob, and Sally, to talk about the adventure of being on the x-factor last year (2008). You smiled because he appoligized.

  To: Liam ; From: Karela

  Hi, hun!! Miss chu too... I'm glad you came and appoligized, it means alot. (; I really love you Liam. But I got to get ready so I'm not late for school like yesterday, .. See you after school. xxx Love, Liam's girl.

  You set your phone on your bed and went to your closet, you grabed a cute yellow sundress with some black flip-flops, with a white little jean jacket. It matched perfect to go with your red curly hair. You remember the moment when you and Liam first got together that he used to always play with your curls. You hurried over to your bathroom and brushed your teeth and put purfume on. Liam was always waiting for you after school because he was one grade ahead of you; so you only really get to talk to him at lunch at school. But you put some black eye-liner under your eye led to bring out your perfect green eyes, that Liam says he feel in love with the first time he spotted you. You grabed your write dangalinging earings and put them in the open holes in your ears. You walked down stairs to where your mom waited to give you a peice of toast and give you a 5 hour energy. "Thanks mom, love you! I'm going with Liam after school so i'll be home later", you said closing the house door as you walked out. You put your black shades on and walked to your car and got in. You turned the key and put it in reverse and pulled out of your drive way and drove down the street to school.

***After School***

  You waited by a maple tree were Liam and you had your first kiss and waited. To you he was, a cute nerd but popular at the same time. You felt your phone ring in your purse. You lifted your shades up on your head and grabed your phone and answered it.


  "Hey,babe",Liam's hot british voice said into the phone.

  "Where are you?", you started to giggle.

  "I'll give you a hint, somewhere around you."

  "Where?", you started to look around.

  "You'll see in a mintue", he said as he hung up. You heard the beeps after he hung up. You put it back in your purse and smiled and laughed as you called his name like a weirdo and looked for him. When you looked up in the maple tree you seen his bright smile. "Surprize!", he yelled then jumped down. You laughed as he took your waist and pulled you close to him.

  "I'm such a hidden blonde, I should have looked up the first time", you started to laugh. He smiled.

  "No your not. Your a beautiful, smart, kind, caring soul.", he said leaning his forehead on yours. You looked up at his brown orbs. "I still get cold chills every time I look in your pretty eyes", he said as he smiled and kissed your nose. You wraped your arms behind his head and started to play with your own fingers. You guys looked at each other for a moment or two before you leaned in to kiss him.

  He smashed his lips againest yours and smiled. He pushed his tongue on your bottom lip asking for a entrance. You let him explore your mouth; you two were dancing in each other's mouths. He pulled you as close as possible and lifted you slowly down to the ground. He held you in his right arm and stayed leveled on the ground with his other hand. You two were now laying on the ground kissing. He pulled away and got up really fast then lifted you up. He took your hand and guided you both to your car. He opened your back seat door and lifted you in. He shut the door then went on the other side of the back seat doors and got in. He locked the doors making sure no one could get in. He layed you down and he went on top and you guys went back to what you were doing the last time. He played with your curls as you guys switched spots so you were on top. You two ended up kissing and 'things' for about a hour before you guys had to leave the school praperty.

  That night he took you out to dinner, a movie and he took you to a small party that his friend, Aaron threw for you guys. Also that night he never forgot to mention he loved you.


Karela I Hope you liked it!! :)) Took me 34 mins to write this, even tho it's not long. <3 Tell your friends about this; and If you guys haven't made one of your own read the first passage, it'll show you what you need to comment! Thanks! .xx


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