#Imagine One Direction

Hello! Okay so these are my Imagines that I made and if you want one look at first chapter and comment what it tells you :) ! ! ! If you want to get a taste of some of my imagines before you want your own you can read some of the others! Thank you, xx Stephanie


23. Jennifer and Louis

  You picked up your bagel, and creamy vanilla yogurt that you had just rang in and paid for at your favorite place, Tim Hortons. "Mm," you moaned as you took a bite of your hot baked bagel as you sat down in a booth that was the only one open. It was pretty packed that morning which isn't unusual, its a popular place in the morning. You took your spoon and dug and stirred your yogurt before taking a big bite of it, enjoying each moment. You stood up and sat down your bag and coat on the side of you and slid out of the booth on the other side to go to the toilets. You walked into the woman's restroom, did your thing then washed your hands. You stared up at yourself with a sigh. You opened up the restrooms door and started walking back to your booth when you spot two men sitting in it but not in the spot you were sitting. You questioned if you should confront them and tell them to move or wait for them to leave. You got closer and stood infront of it. "Umm..."

  "Oh! Is this your table, babe?," the one with a little facial hair smiled and intwined each of his hands together and sat them on the table. 

  "It is, yes." 

  "I hope you don't mind us sitting here, we figured someone was by themselves in this big of a booth. Why not share?" He was a little sassy with his words.

  "Well I don't mind but please don't touch my stuff," you spotted they have moved your bag.

  "Fine, fine." You sat back down but moved to the end of the side that they weren't sitting at which wasn't really a big move. You grabbed your bagel and took another bite. You stared up at the other boy that didn't talk all he did was stuff his face with different flavored Timbits. 

  "Well I'm Jennifer," you swallowed and spoke with your leg over the other and your back straight. 

  "This is Niall. The lilac flower-," he got playfully punched by the other one.

  "I was lilac, I aint no more. De name is Niall. Niall only thanks," he continued to eat. 

  "And I'm Louis. The best person you have ever met," he laughed. 

  "Are you sure? I met alot of great people, what makes you think your the best?," you were now focused on him. 

  "Is that even a question! Niall do you hear this girl?," he laughed hard like it was a killer joke. Niall didn't respond he just watched. 

  "Yes that's why I asked it. Now please answer," you spat back with a small smirk as he stopped laughing. 

  "Why should I answer you? I don't know you." He narrowed his eyes. 

  "I don't know you either but you came over here, in my booth. So it's your fault not mine Mr. Sassy I'm the best." It wasn't that funny but the boy, Niall liked it. He started to laugh and stare back from Louis to you.

  "Shut up Niall," he scruffed. 

  "You have a temper don't cha? You don't like it when people talk back? Aw isn't that sad," you puckered your lower lip over your top. 

  "No!," he crossed his arms like a baby. "Just ugh! I could probably over power you any day so watch your mouth." 

  "What do you mean? You'll hit me, now? Oh-" 

  "No, you twit," he laughed. He slid close to you and leaned up touching his lip under your ear as he said, "I could over power you. Seduce you babe. Don't play around with me. You'll have a handful on your hands." He slid back to where he sat and chuckled as you had a disturbed facial expression. 

  "Well then," Niall spoke breaking the silence. "Do you guys need anything for me to throw away? And I need to use the toilets." Louis shook his head no, same as you did. "Be back in a sec!" The blonde boy raced to the restroom fast. 

  "I must say for a blonde girl you are very-," he stopped his sentence and smirked. 

  "I'm what?," you questioned him. 

  "Your smart. You actually know how to respond correctly. Playing hard to get. Your a sassy fellow yourself babe." 

  "Well not all blondes are dumb. And it's not knowing what to say its using common sense to show ass holes who think their better than everyone else a taste of their own medicine," you made direct eye contact with him. "Babe." You smiled, pleased of what you have just said to him. 

  "Mmm makes you more attractive," he bit his lip and chuckled. 

  "Thanks I know. I'm pretty hot aren't I?," you joked. 

  "Hot? Nah your not that far yet," he laughed then slid close to you. "Cute will be the term for now till we get to know each other more." 

  "Who said I was going to speak with you again?"

  "Me of course! I just said it, open your ears!" You rolled your eyes then took a bite of your yogurt. "Did you just roll your eyes at me?"

  "Yeah got a problem?"

  "Nah just makes me know that I'm probably annoying you. Am I?," he rose a eyebrow. 

  "I mean. I'd rather be alone eating breakfast but Niall isn't bad. You on the other hand need work." 

  "What kind of work?," he smirked lifting his arm over and behind you. You didn't answer but you stared next to you at him with no emotion. Well that is intill he leaned up placing a kiss on your lips. You pushed back.

  "What the hell!"

  "Oops, did you not like that?" He didn't wipe the smirk on his face. 

  "I never said I didn't. But if your going to kiss me, kiss me right. You need some kissing skills," you taped him on the cheek a few times. 

  "Well then show me how to if you want to be smart about it."

  "Fine but don't get any ideas. I'm only showing you," you turned back to him and wrapped both arms around his neck and pushed your mouth against his slightly moving in sync. You pulled away and smirked. "That's how you kiss." You left him with a shocked face which seemed to have enjoyed it.


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