#Imagine One Direction

Hello! Okay so these are my Imagines that I made and if you want one look at first chapter and comment what it tells you :) ! ! ! If you want to get a taste of some of my imagines before you want your own you can read some of the others! Thank you, xx Stephanie


4. Imagine: Harry

  You heard a slight knock on your appartment door. You looked up from the TV in your small living area. "Yes?", you yelled a little. No body answered. You looked confused. You got up and opened the door; nobody was there. You looked down and seen and large box with a flower and a note on it. You hurried inside and closed the door. You placed the box on your table and you looked at the note:

  'Hello love,

   You are very beautiful... You might like me you might not... My heart is stuck on

 you like a silver and some glue..Nobody like you can make me change my feelings

for the girl I used to love... I want and need you... Figure out who I am..I'll be waiting!

  xx ---- , P.S. Be ready tonight at 8... I'll be there hopeing you've figured it out already.'

  You set the note down and opened the box. There was poems about you, a cute pair of silver earings, a big red teddy bear and a cute red dress. You sat there at your table thinking of who it was...No body came in mind till you thought back to your ex boyfriend, Greg. You picked up your phone and texted Greg:

  To: Greg

 From: (y/n)

  Hey..I know you don't want to talk to me but did you send me anything by any chance?? -BooBoo

  To: (y/n)

 From: Greg

 ....No I didn't why would I... I have to go get ready for something bye don't text back...

  You thought about the part,"I have to go get ready for something" over and over again. Was he trying to take you back, but why'd he text "don't text back"?

  It was now 7:40pm and you were still wondering who it was. You picked up the dress that the person sent you and slipped it on. You braided your hair into a side braide and put some make up on. You put some black eyeliner on to make your eyes stand out. You walked out of your room and put some black high heels on. You waited till 8 o'clock. You heard a knock on your door once more today. You quickly paced and mumbled to yourself then opened the door. You were shocked to see who it was.

  It was Harry Styles; your best friend since kindergarden. "Hello love, you look beautiful", he said smiling showing his dimples. You blushed and hugged him. You shut your door and you two held hands all the way out of the appartment building.


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