#Imagine One Direction

Hello! Okay so these are my Imagines that I made and if you want one look at first chapter and comment what it tells you :) ! ! ! If you want to get a taste of some of my imagines before you want your own you can read some of the others! Thank you, xx Stephanie


18. Harry and McKenzie

  "Were here!," your best friend, (her/n) said shaking your shoulder, waking your up. You fell a sleep on the way to the club, where you guys were heading. You stretched and looked over to the driver's side looking at her.

  "Alright," you said sleepy, then pulling down your skin tight dress and unbuckling yourself. You opened to the door and jumped out of her jeep. You waited for her to come on your side, so you could walk in together.

  "Looks, kinda crowded," she said grabing your hand and pulling you over to the bar section. "Two, beers please," she said signaling the person. You sat up on the stoll type chair that was infront of the bar table. The person came back to you two and gave you a large glass of bear.

  "Hey look, over there!," she said waving behind you guys. You turned to see a blonde boy, with brown eyes. She turned to face you,"That's drake," she said smiling and leaving you at the bar table alone. You giggled as she got more excited as she walked to him.

  "Anything else, darling?," the bar man asked as you sat there with your hands cuped around the glass.

  "No thanks," you said smiling. He smiled back and nodded, walking off to the other side of the table. You sighed as you felt bodies touch your back, because they were ethier drunk or they were moving out of the spot in the middle of the floor where people were grinding on each other. You soon seen a curly haired guy sit next to you, signaling the person to give him a couple shots.

  "Hey," he said turning to you with a smile, that showed his dimples. You smiled and wanted to be friendly.

  "Hello." He giggled a little then took one of the shots.

  "Want one?," he said sliding one to you. You shook your head. "Aw, come on," he said removing the glass of beer from your hands and placing it away from you and pushing a shot straight infront of you.

  "Fine," you said smiling and picking up the rather mini cup and took what ever strong drink was in it.

  "Good?," he said smiling looking at your brown eyes. It was rather good and strong, you thought. You nodded and laughed. All of a sudden your favorite song, (f/s) came on.

  "Man, I just love this song!," you said groving alittle to the music as you sat in your seat. He laughed at you, but not in a mean way. He took your hand in his and smiled. You turned to face him.

  "Wanna dance?," he said now standing up, waiting for you to reply.

  "Sure," you said as your fingers intwined with each other and walked to the very middle of the grinding people. You let go of his hand and started to move your hips left to right, and having your hands up in the air. You were laughing as he placed his hand on your hips and pulled you closer to him.

  "I'm Harry by the way," he said whispering in your ear. You wraped your arms around his kneck and whispered back,"I'm McKenzie." "McKenzie, cute," he said wraping his arms around your waist. You blushed slightly and continued to dance to (f/song).

-Leaving (3 hours later)-

  "I'm going to miss you," he said kissing your cheek, as you were about to get in your friend's jeep. You let go of the car door as Harry's large arms wraped around you (he was in the back of you, you were facing the car). You giggled, and turned to face him wraping your arms around him.

  "Then, why don't I come with you," you said brushing your lips on his, teasing him. He smiled and bite his lower lip.

  "That'll be lovely," he said smiling and shutting the jeep door. He let you go,"I'll be waiting in my car over there," he said You smiled and faced Drake, who was in the drivers seat because (your friends/n) was crashed in the back seat of her car.

  "I'm riding with Harry, so tell her when she wakes up, to call me," you said smiling as he did. He nodded, and he drove off. You walked over to Harry's car, which Harry was leaning on. You ran into his arms as he held you and commented how cute you were. He tucked your brown hair under your ear and leaned down and kissed your lips. Your lips moved every which way, as you both had your eyes closed. He sliped away from the kiss by, kissing down your kneck leaving behind love bites...


(A/N: HOPE YOU LIKED, MCKENZIE! <3 (]= / the computer wouldn't let me upload a photo so sorry :( )

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