#Imagine One Direction

Hello! Okay so these are my Imagines that I made and if you want one look at first chapter and comment what it tells you :) ! ! ! If you want to get a taste of some of my imagines before you want your own you can read some of the others! Thank you, xx Stephanie


14. Harry and Izz

   "Hurry up!," you rushed the taxi driver to go faster so you wouldn't be late for the concert.

   "We'll be there in a mintues lady, hold on!," he said getting annoyed. You rolled your eyes and watched out of the window looking at all the girls running down the sidewalk. "Why are they running?," you thought in your mind. The taxey turned into the next lane so you could see infront of the other cars. But your eyes locked on what looked like the tour bus the boys were on,  but you didn't think it was because they probably were already getting ready.

  "AHH!! Niall! LIAM! Zayn! Harry! LOUIS!," the girls started to scream and yell to the bus while still on the side walk. You seen a window open from the bus that was on your side and a boy that you reconize poped his head out. "Oh my god! Follow that bus! That's One Direction," you said jumping up and down as you seen Harry pop his head out and stare at your Taxi. So he followed your instructions and you followed them.

 ---In the concert---

  "I love you!," all the girls screamed as you were in the front. You didn't say anything you were in tears and smiling. You held up your sign that said,"Kiss Me Im Your Wife." Everytime you waved it up, Harry would look at you and wink, or smile.

  "Oh, tell me how to turn your love on, we can get, get anything that you want. Baby just..," Harry sang looking at you everytime he sang. But time went fast and it was now over.

  "Thank you, (y/state)!," Niall said waving to the croud. They all did one more wave then left off stage. You waited intill most people had left before you went out of the building. You went to turn and start to walk off intill you flet someone's hand cup around your arm. You jumped at the person's grip and turned to see who you never thought you would get this close to. Harry, Harry Styles.

  "Oh my god your...oh ...is this real?," You said trying not to fangirl but he put a finger over your mouth and smiled.

  "Lets go back stage so I don't get noticed!," he said intwining your fingers and walking off with sercerity to backstage. "Hey guys, this is...um?," he looked in your eyes and waited for you to tell him.

  "Its Izz," you said shaking a little, cause you couldn't believe that you were meeting the boys.

  "Nice to meet you Izz!," Louis jumped up and said coming over to you in a friendly way and hugged you. You let go of Harry's hand and hugged Louis back. After a secound the other 3 did the same. But Harry didn't, he stared and smiled. He waited till you all were done talking before he came up to you and took your hands in his and whispered to you.

  "I thought your, sign was cute." You felt yourself blush as his minty breath trickled against your skin.

   "Thanks," you said looking in his eyes that gazed at you. He smiled, showing his dimples. You looked at the ground and smiled as he still held your hands.

  "Oh, I think Harry has a new girlfriend, lets go boys!," Louis said teasing Harry and the boys got up and followed Louis out of the small room back stage.

  "I wish!," Harry called out to the boys as they went out. You started to blush. You looked back up at him and smiled.

  "I can't believe it's you," you said as you spotted him looking at your lips.

  "Would you mind?," he said shly. You shook your head and you felt him lean into you. You leaned in back to him and your lips smashed together. Right when your lips touched you felt chills go down your body. It was so wonderful. He pulled away and smiled.

  "Your sign might come true!," he said kissing you again.


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