#Imagine One Direction

Hello! Okay so these are my Imagines that I made and if you want one look at first chapter and comment what it tells you :) ! ! ! If you want to get a taste of some of my imagines before you want your own you can read some of the others! Thank you, xx Stephanie


15. Harry and Hannah

  "Hey Hannah over here!," Your friend, Brittni said calling you over to a picnic table, where there was 2 other people. You smiled and walked over, where she was.

  "Hey! Brit," you said sitting next to her in the picnic table located in the park. She smiled and looked at the other two people that were across from where you were sitting.

  "Hannah this is Julie, Julie this is Hannah. And Harry this is Hannah and Hannah this is Harry," she said introducing all of you to each other.

  "Hey, umm Hannah," Julie said giving a discussed face.

  "Hi," you said giving her the same face, just to show her what she looks like.

  "Hello, hun," Harry said smiling at you.

  "Brittni," you whispered in her ear. "What's wrong with Julie? She looks like she is discussed by me."

  "Ignore her, she is just a bitch," she said whispering back in your ear. You smirked then stared at the other two. You flipped your blonde hair to the back of your head and grabed your hairtie that was around your arm and pulled your hair up.

  "Hey, does anyone want to go on the swings with me?," you said laughing, wanted to act like a little kid again.

  "Why? No," Julie said rolling her eyes.

  "Nah, I don't wanna, maybe Harry," Brittni said staring at Harry and smiling.

   "Yea, I guess," he said getting up. You got up to, and started to walk to the swings.

  "Have fun you two!," Brittni said laughing. You turned back and gave her a thumbs up and when you did you seen Julie's face get really red and have a frown on her face. You giggled and when you looked back you seen Harry beside you.

  "Hannah, ignore Julie," Harry said brushing his hand against yours as you guys walked to the swings. You nodded and gave him a quick smile. When you guys got to the swings you quickly ran to them and jumped on a swing laughing.

  "I haven't been on one of these is like ages!," you said laughing as he watched you and smiled. You stared in his eyes till he came over behind you. "What are you doing?," you said looking at him as he stood behind you.

  "Don't you want a push?," he said smiling at you. You laughed and nodded. He grabed the two chains that hooked onto the seat and pulled it up making you go up with it and he let go, giving you a push. But he didn't stop. He kept pushing you laughing and talking to you about life and stuff.

---10 mins later---

  You ended up going to high and Harry was yelling to you to slow down but you didn't. So you watched him get off his swing and walk over to you and go behind you. You thought you were going to hit him but instead, when you went back Harry jumped up and grabed on to the chains and hung on tight. But your show glidded on the sand making you both fly off, onto each other.

  "Woah! that was fun," you said opening your eyes finding Harry onto of you because thats how you guys landed. He stared in your eyes and smiled.

  "You have beautiful eyes," he said showing his dimples.

  "Thanks but-," he cut you off with a kiss. You felt your hands rap around his kneck and make him lean down all the way to the ground where you were laying. You played with his hair as you guys kissed. "You make me smile," you said pulling away then smile. You kissed him again and he started to blush.


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