#Imagine One Direction

Hello! Okay so these are my Imagines that I made and if you want one look at first chapter and comment what it tells you :) ! ! ! If you want to get a taste of some of my imagines before you want your own you can read some of the others! Thank you, xx Stephanie


12. Harry and Amber

  You hurried to the bathrooms that were across from the food cort in the mall. You were meeting up with your crush, Harry and you wanted to make sure you looked good. "Excuse me," you said to the lady that was blocking the restroom entrence. She turned and smiled at you.

  "Sorry hunny," she said moving out of your way and you walked past and stood infront of the sinks that had mirrors infront of them. You set your purse on the sink tiles and searched threw it trying to find your eye liner. Your green eyes with black eye liner should make him die over your eyes. You finally found and and hurried and opened it and took your finger and pulled your eye down so you could get the eye liner where it needed to be. After you did that to both eyes, your green eyes looked amazing. You put it back in your purse and closed it. You looked in the body mirror that was by the entrance of the bathroom to see yourself wearing a long stripped shirt with black leggings under it.

  You made sure it was all neat and tried to make it non-wrinkley. You went out of the bathroom and sat down at a near by table that was located in the food court and waited. Intill you got a text message:

  From: Harry ; To: Amber

  You look Hot! ;) xx Hazza

 From: Amber ; To: Harry

  How do you know! c; I don't see you!

 From: Harry ; To: Amber

  I'm walking to you now, close your eyes so you don't see me :)

 From: Amber ; To: Harry

 Why? ;P

 From: Harry ; To: Amber

 Just do it so I don't have to stand here all day looking at your beautiful eyes! xx

 You giggled at his most recent text and you placed your phone down on the table, same with your purse and covered your eyes with your hands. You waited intill you heard that deep, hot british voice talk. "Hey babe," Harry said placing a hand on your shoulder making you look. You smiled at his word,'babe'.

  "Hey," you said watching him as he went across the table and sat.

  "You look pretty hot," he said laughing, you could smell his minty breath as he did. You blushed non-stop as he made cute comments to you.

  "Right back at you," you said winking at him. He leaned up and grabed your hand and sat back down. He smiled showing his dimples to you and giggled.

  "Would you be mad if I ...I.," he couldn't finish.

  "Would what," you said smiling knowing what he ment, a kiss. He leaned up and so did you and your lips touched. He was about to pull away intill you placed your hands around his kneck and continued to kiss him. You both after that held hands and walked around the mall like a cute couple!


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