#Imagine One Direction

Hello! Okay so these are my Imagines that I made and if you want one look at first chapter and comment what it tells you :) ! ! ! If you want to get a taste of some of my imagines before you want your own you can read some of the others! Thank you, xx Stephanie


8. Harry and Ally

   "Ally, hurry the girls are all already out there. Hurry", your swim coach yelled in the changing room. You quickly undressed yourself and put on your swimsuit and ear peices. You jogged out of the changing room, to the corner where your best friend, Amber was sitting waiting for you.

  "Finally! What took you so long?", she said patting you on the back.

  "I got a text from that one boy, Harry. The one that comes everyday after practice to see Emily." Emily was one of those girls who was popular, and a snob.

  "Awwwww, I think someone has a crush on you!", she said laughing.

  "Haha. He has a crush on me because he texted me?"

  "Okay just forget it", she said laughing and nudging you were she was; at the end of the pool. "I'll race you?"

  "Your on! You count", you said bending your knee and aiming your hands up in a arrow like possistion.

  "Ready. 1", she got in the same possistion you did. "2", she looked at you and knodded. "3! GO". You both jumped in the water and swam as fast as you guys could to the end of the pool. When you hit the other side you fliped and swam back to the other side. You and Amber swam back and forth till you both got tired. The last time you swam to the side you started at you hit someone; Emily.

  "Watch were you going", she said snapping at you. Amber stoped beside you as Emily told you this. You just ignored her and you both swam to the edge and jumped up; sitting at the end of the pool.

  "Time to jump off the diving boards, girls!", the coach yelled across the room. Amber, you and every other girl ran to the diving boards. "Amber, your up!" Amber steped onto the board and jumped twice and fliped and dived in. "Ally, your turn!" You stood up on the diving board and you looked around as you heard the door open. You spoted the curly haired boy that texted you. "Come on Ally!", the coach snaped you back. You ran your fingers threw your brown curly hair and thought,"What's a good move to impress Harry?". You jumped a couple times getting high enough that you could flip twice then land in the water with a perfect slant. When you hit the water you hoped that you did it perfect. You jumped out of the water and went to Amber.

  "Ally...Harry was looking at you", she said almost dieing.

  "I know", you laughed.

  "Pracetice is over! Be back tommorow at 10AM sharp so we can go a the large pool down town", the coach yelled to everyone. You smiled at Amber and said your goodbyes as you took your towel and went to the bathroom. You always like to wait till everyone is done in the bathroom so you can be there by yourself. You dried your curly brown hair till it wasn't 'that' wet anymore. You dried the rest of your body then took off your swimsuit and dried yourself one last time. You hurried and changed back into your regular clothes. You grabed your phone and placed it in your pocket. You slowly walked out of the bathroom when you seen someone swimming in the pool. Why was there someone swimming when practice just ended, you thought.

  "Hey! Practice is over", you yelled to the person who was swimming. The person turned and looked at you in the eyes; it was Harry. His curls were slicked back, his eyes were focused on yours and you almost melted. "Uh..umm..sorry", you say trying to walk past the pool.

  "Don't be, love", he said getting out of the water. He grabed his towel and dried off his hair. He was only a few feet away from you. He had these black shorts on that were skin tight. He walked up to you and smiled. You smiled back.

  "Um, whats um, up?"

  "Nothing, oh I liked what you did on the swimming board", he said showing his dimples.

  "Thanks", you said smiling and blushing.

  "Your names Ally right?", his hot deep british voice asked. You could some what hear him breath.


  "Cute. Would you like to go for another swim?", he said asking moving closer to you.

  "Umm..Sure", you said smiling. He jumped back in the pool. You went over to the bench and took off your shirt,"I hope you don't mind". He shoke his head. You took off your pants; so you were in your bra and underwear. You jumped in after him as he swam to the other side of the pool. You both played different games, talked, swam together while holding hands, and you guys kissed underneath the water.

  He grabed your hands and pulled you close. He smiled and you and kissed your cheek,"Hold your breath". He let you both under the water. You opened your eyes and you seen him smile at you while looking at you. He pulled you closer and made his lips touch yours. When your guys touched he led you guys up above the water, making you two enjoy the beautiful kiss that lasted.


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