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Hello! Okay so these are my Imagines that I made and if you want one look at first chapter and comment what it tells you :) ! ! ! If you want to get a taste of some of my imagines before you want your own you can read some of the others! Thank you, xx Stephanie


25. Cammy and Niall

  "Cammy!," your music teacher called you up. You shot a look up staring at him with a confused look.


  "I just said I was going to call on someone to sing are new song were doing. It's for a solo and I want to hear you sing it." 

  "No I'm-"

  "Come on don't be shy! This is what choir is for, getting comfortable with your peers. Now come up and sing unconditionally by the Miss Katy Perry." 

  "Do I have to?," you now had that throwing up sensation in your stomach.

  "Yes now come." Your peers weren't the nicest people you've met, some are snobby, some nerdy, some guys were nice but all in the end were always judgmental to other kids if they've messed up. You sat up and walked slowly to the front of the class of about 30 kids and swallowed. "Whenever your ready I'll hit play." You were now red as a button as you seen the eyes of many different looking kids eye ball you. You made a quick look at the teacher signalling him to go. You fiddle with your finger tips and stare at the ground waiting for the torture to start. The beat started to play which means time for you to sing.

  "Oh, no did I get to close? Oh, did I almost see what's really on the inside? All your insecurities. All the dirty laundry, never made me blink one time," you sang very softly. 

  "I can't hear her!," one guy from the back of the room yelled. Others laughed.

  You cleared your throat and sang a little louder, "Unconditional, unconditionally! I will love you unconditionally. There is no fear now-"

  "Boo!," people started to say and smirk laughing at you. You chocked up on your words and got that sick feeling... everywhere. You looked up at the people who were laughing as hard as can be as if you were a joke. You simply ran past everyone sitting and out the door to the farthest empty place from there. The gym was empty and dark, perfect. Running in you sat against a wall with your hands on your head and little tears forming in your eyes and falling down your cheek one by one. You heard a steady thump sound getting closer to you.  

  You seen the little light that was shinning on your face from a small window on the wall disappear. You stared up to see a boy, you never talked to before standing there. At first it scared the living shit out of you because he didn't say anything when coming in. "What?," you sniffled. 

  "Cammy is your name right?"

  "Yeah, why? You want to say I suck to?," you fell back into your hands and let a few more tears fall. 

  "No, um I'm Niall!," he said cheerfully. You didn't answer. "Okay then. I wanted to say you were actually really good in class regardless of what people say."

  "Sure, okay," you looked up rolling your eyes and whipping the few tears from your face.

  "You were! I know I don't know you but you seem nice," he slid next to you.

  "Oh please just go," you got up and whipped your eyes again.

  "Well if I go your coming with me," he stood up and stared at you. 

  "No. I don't ever know you like you don't know me."

  "Well we could get to know each other! Come on," he took your hand and dragged you out of the gym and past choir.

  "Where are we going!," you struggled with his hand to get it off you.

  "A place I go sometimes after hours or in study hall secretly. No one really knows about it," he continues to walk you and him down the halls. You began to worry because he headed out of the school and into the back where the baseball field is.

  "It's outside?"

  "Mhmm it's up a little farther from the baseball field." 

  "You can let me go now, I'll follow," he stopped and smiled letting go of your hand.

  "Good now lets run! Just follow!," he took off straight past the baseball field. You took a breath and laughed as you chased after him. You seen him disappear in a brush of trees in the woods which were right behind the field. 

  "Hey! Wait up," you ran faster. You slowed down at the beginning of the woods and slowly walked straight looking around for Niall. "Niall! Come on don't do this to me. I hate the woods!"

  "Boo!," he jumped up from a bush and you jumped back.

  "Shit!," you mumbled and put your hand up to your chest. "Don't do that!"

  "Hehe sorry. But come here," he grabbed your hand again and lead you to a tree that was surrounded by different kinds and colors of flowers. It didn't look like any other part of the woods ether it was in it's own place with a healthy tree placed in the middle of the woods.

  "Wow," was all you could say as you two stopped dead on staring at the spot.

  "It's amazing isn't? I always come here, it makes all the stress and drama flow away from my mind," he stared at you and smiled not looking away. 

  "It is," you stared over at him then back at the spot with a smile. The tears that were in your eyes faded. It felt awkward because he still had a hold of your hand. "You can let go now," you laughed staring down at your hands. 

  "Oh yeah, sorry," he blushed and let away. He sat on a rock next to the tree and stared at you. "Come, come." He waved his hand signaling you to come next to him on the other rock. So you did. You stared at him which he was staring at you. "One of my ex girlfriends used to come back here with me and sing along to some songs I made up or we already knew. But it was sad because this was the same place she dumped me."

  "Oh. Sorry to hear," you determined weather to hug him or stay your ground. You just met him less than 15 minutes ago so your confused on what to do.  

  "It's fine tho, that was like two years ago. I sing by myself sometimes or just act like a idiot," he laughs. You laugh along. 

  "Well why don't we get to know each other more I guess," you smiled.

  "I'd like that." You two spent the rest of the school day sitting out there even tho you weren't supposed to be skipping, talking and getting to know each other better. 

- - - 

  "It's getting dark, Niall. We've been here all day and I think my mum and father will be worried if I don't get home," you stood up. 

  "Oh um sure okay. It was great meeting you. You really are the craic," he laughed.

  "The craic?"

  "It's a inside joke," you laughed along.

  "Alrighty um I'll see you tomorrow?"

  "Well duh we have to come to school right?" He stood next to you. "Come on now I'll walk you back." 

  "Alright," you both walk back to the front of the school where your car was. "Bye I guess," you stood infront of him and smiled.

  "Bye," he grabbed you into a big hug. You laughed and wrapped your arms around his stomach as his were around your waist. "I had fun today," he pulled away smiling.

  "Me too, me too," you smiled staring in his blue eyes. He leaned in closing his eyes but you backed away. "What are you doing?"

  "Oh uh I thought... um sorry!," he blushed and put his hands in his pockets staring at the ground. 

  You chuckled, "You thought right." You grabbed his red cheeks and smashed his plump pink lips on yours.

     (I had fun creating this one! :) Hope you liked it! xx)


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