#Imagine One Direction

Hello! Okay so these are my Imagines that I made and if you want one look at first chapter and comment what it tells you :) ! ! ! If you want to get a taste of some of my imagines before you want your own you can read some of the others! Thank you, xx Stephanie


22. Bridgitte and Harry

  "Thanks, have a nice day." You flashed a smile then grabbed your bag that was full of your favorite kinds of tacos that you got for you and some friends for a party later at your home. You took the stuff to a table and dug out each taco making sure each one was what you ordered because usually when you go somewhere like a fast food place they get at least one thing wrong. You took a look from each one back to the recite. "Shit," you mumbled as you spotted a error on two of the tacos. You never really like to confront the person who took your order because it seems very awkward. 

  You grab the two tacos and the recite leaving the rest on the table and walked back up to the counter which now formed a line. You stood behind a tall boy with curly brown hair which smelt like vanilla mist. You sighed because that's the kind of sent your ex boyfriend used to wear which you bought. Your mind went away from the topic when the boy and another man beside him made a sharp turn bumping into you, making the two tacos fall. They landed on your shoes and the inside of the food splattered all over the floor. "Watch it!," you said not making eye contact with the two men.

  "Sorry let me help you," you seen two legs step beside you and kneel down. You and him both start picking the food up and putting it back in the wrapper without making eye contact.

  "Come Harry," the other man that stood spoke.

  "No, let me help her. They can wait." After he picked up the about last piece of food you crumbled the wrappers of now junk, food in your hands and stood up. 

  "Thanks-," you turned to be face to face with a boy with the cutest brightest smile possible for a man.

  "I'm Harry," he flashed a cheeky smile. He had amazing dimples, which stood out mostly on his face. But his eyes, his eyes were a perfect shade of olive green that just stared through your soul. 

  "Oh um I'm Bridgitte," you slightly blushed awkwardly then was thinking on to throw the stuff away now or wait. 

  "Harry come-," the other man tried speaking again but Harry interrupted.

  "Paul please. I just knocked her food out of her hands, let me chat with her for a minute. The boys wont die without food for a couple minutes." The other man named Paul stiffened. "Could I buy you two more?"

  "W-what?" You kinda zoned out by examining his facial features and body language.

  "Food. Can I buy you those two tacos again?"

  "Nah it's alright." 

  "Aw come on. It's on me! Please," he put his hand over your wrist and smiled. You thought for a minute and nodded, ok. "Great! But um are you going to throw that stuff away?," he let go of you and laughed. 

  "Oh! Yes. I'll do that now," you laughed along and trailed over to the trash can and threw it away then walked back to Harry. 

  "So babe, what kind did you need?"

  "Oh um two bean burritos will be fine," you smiled fixing your hair that was covering some of your face.

  "Alright," he turned his back and simply said "Two bean burritos and two sweet teas." He turned back and leaned against the counter and smiled. "You have beautiful red hair by the way. Its- Nice."

  "Thanks," you smiled. "And I like your- face," you laughed. "No I'm kidding I like your eyes their a perfect beautiful shade of green."

  "Thanks babe." He didn't stop smiling but he looked you down from the tip of your head down to your feet then back up. He bit his lip right before turning back around to pay and grab the food and drinks. "Here," he handed you the food and gave you a drink."

  "I didn't ask for a drink tho," you stared up at him with your eye brows raised. 

  "Well I got you one because it wouldn't be polite to not get you one after I made you drop your food on the ground." He stood straight then at the buff man, Paul. "Well I think we have to go, but whats your telly?" He slipped out his phone from his front pocket and held it out for you to grab.

  "Oh here um-" you grabbed it smiling punching in the numbers of your cell phone number. "Would you like to give me yours?," you awkwardly said with a small giggle.

  "It'd be nice," he laughed. You grabbed your phone from your pocket and handed it to him, while still having his in your hand. While he put his number in your phone you labeled your number with the name, "Bridgie" in his contacts. "Here ya go," you both traded back phones and smiled.

  "Come on Harry," Paul cuffed Harry's arm and started walking towards the door. 

  "Wait!," he pulled away from Paul and ran back to you and wrapped his arms around you giving you a big welcoming hug. He took a sip of his tea, "It was nice meeting you. Please chat me up later," he smiled.

  "Well if you aren't busy, i'm having a little get together with some friends thats why I bought food and I'd be glad if ya could come," you smiled staring him eye to eye.

  "That'd be great! Send me the address when you can and I'll be over in a blink," he winked then took another sip of his drink. He removed the straw from his mouth and leaned up to your ear, "But if it's okay I'll be over when the party ends. So we  can get to know each other much better." He pecked your cheek then flashed a smile and disappeared out of the building with Paul. 


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