In The Clouds and A Terrible Reality.

This is a two-part poem. Let me know what you think of it, and I might write more on this if it's possible.


1. In The Clouds

There she stands, beautiful as always, 
Her face placed firmly between pages
As thin as tracing paper - translucent. 
A perfectly carved visage to last the ages. 

The woman; a dominant, independent figure
With a needy, dependent side that is hidden
In plain sight - her smile reveals all weakness, but, 
In her line of work, weakness is forbidden. 

Inside every outgoing, beautiful woman
Is a self conscious, introvert little child.
The side hardly ever shown or listened to
Is the one that needs exposing, but all the while

She stands, unmoving in a flurry of snow,
flakes settling on her hair and freezing on her lips.
A frozen kiss, sealed for centuries on end,
As the compelling wait for him takes its grip. 

She promised to wait, and wait she will,
Stood in the same spot they met all those years ago,
The memory of his touch keeping her warm, 
But not even a fire could fight off a temperature so low. 

She reads to pass the endless icy days,
Princesses finding love, poets confessing their love,
They make her heart pound, her stomach flutter. 
What she doesn't know is he's watching her from above. 

A beautiful girl worn down by the weather
And torn down brutally by adoration. 
Standing, waiting for her lover, her friend;
for all she knows, he's her only salvation. 

She sits there, broken, chipped and torn,
Her face planted within pages of leaves, 
No longer breathing. But the wind
Raises her chest; slowly it heaves. 

finally they're together; the broken girl
And the boy in the sky, floating around. 
Dancing along to the rhythm of rain, 
flying high in the gliding clouds. 

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