Superheros & Saving the Day

This one is not apart of the real story but anyway a weird machine gets delivered to sonic boom and turns Ally, Austin, Dez, Trish, and Adam into superheros but it also turns Trent into a super villain


3. Keeping it a secret

Goes to the food court 

Ally: guys from now on we have to keep it a secret that we have these powers 

Adam: aw I wanted to see Austin kick Trent into the wall

Trish: yeah Ally c'mon just let him do that 

Ally: no can't any of you be serious 

Adam Trish Austin Dez: haha haha 

Adam: *still laughing and banging his hand on the table* good one Als 

Ally: *rolls her eyes* you are all so childish *gets out of her chair* lets go back to sonic boom

goes to sonic boom 

Dez: where's the machine 

Adam: what's this note *bends down and picks the note up* aw Trent and Tilly took it! 

Dez: the note?

Adam: *smacks his forehead* *SMACK!* Dez I've got something to say to you *sings* hey hey you you how are you so stupid I don't know know yeah I think you need a new brain 

Dez: well your meaner than Trish 

Trish: nobody is meaner then me 

Adam: prove it 

Trish: *pepper sprays him* 

Adam: god Trish that was a... 

Ally: Adam Riker Dawson! Don't you dare say what I think you about to

Dez: you mean 

Ally: SHUT UP DEZ!!!!


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