Superheros & Saving the Day

This one is not apart of the real story but anyway a weird machine gets delivered to sonic boom and turns Ally, Austin, Dez, Trish, and Adam into superheros but it also turns Trent into a super villain


2. Heros and Villians

Ally: so what would we call our selves 

Dez: how about the unicorns 

Adam; how about the laser lizards and the Idiot Dez!!

Austin: how about the league of incredible musicals 

Trish: awesome but my separate name is style 

Ally: why? 

Trish: watch this (snaps her fingers Ally automatically has a designer dress on) 

Adam: well we know what me and Trish can do but what about you three 

Austin: (does some ninja move thing)

Austin: I'm ninja z yo

Dez: yeah don't ever say that again 

Adam: I guess I'll be exploding music note 

Dez: I'm plunger boy (shoots his plunger bow in arrow) 

Ally: (Ally ricochets off the counter and flies out of the store) 

Trish: come on after her 

(they all run out) 

(Trent walks in) 

Trent: c'mon Tills 

Tilly: what's that 

Trent: I don't know but let's take it

(they take it and run out) 

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