Superheros & Saving the Day

This one is not apart of the real story but anyway a weird machine gets delivered to sonic boom and turns Ally, Austin, Dez, Trish, and Adam into superheros but it also turns Trent into a super villain


4. Dances and Dangers

Austin: we have to get to the dance that's where Trent and Tilly are unleashing their master plan 

Trish: I'm working at Fancy Smancy this week lets go get some stuff from there 

goes to the dance 

Ally: where's Trent 

Adam: everyone is wearing masks 

Trent: actually I'm right here 

*Austin punches him* POW! 

Adam: Austin! 

Austin; what 

Adam: that was hilarious 

*Tilly jumps on Ally's back* 

Ally: get off! *she throws her off* 

*Ally ricochets off the wall into Tilly* 

Adam: Trish! Dez! Help us 

Trish: no I'm not getting this dress dirty 

Adam: *rolls his eyes and turns to Trent* 

Adam: HEY TRENT! *sings a note at the floor he's standing on* KA POW! 

Dez: what's your plan Trent 

Trent: to steal Austin's powers to get rid of him and steal the spot light 

Trish: about you wear a kilt while doing that *snaps her fingers* 

Trent: I'm in a kilt!

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