Nothing Like Us

At a concert, Justin brings up the OLLG and he can't stop thinking about her, they later become a couple and have a holiday get away to Australia. What could happen next?


1. The Concert



 I've literally been waiting for this all my life, I've supported Justin since 2009, I literally stalk him on twitter and Instagram, I'm just an average Belieber I guess.



*on the way to the concert*

This is it I told myself the night I've been waiting for, being in the same place as Justin Bieber for a whole 3 hours, It's been my dream I tweet Justin

LexiBieberxo "@justinbieber can't wait to see you tonight, been waiting for this moment since 2009. I love you."

I lead myself to the doors to where we go in, my phone buzzes and I look at it a tweet from Justin, seriously was this a dream or was I actually seeing this, Everything went black all I could see was a white light. WHY DID THIS HAPPEN NOW, JUST RUINED EVERYTHING, C'MON LEXI SNAP OUT OF IT!!! This couldn't be happening the day of my dreams and I'm on a hard floor, out of it.

I hear the faint screams of the crazed fans from outside, I knew I was inside I felt warmth and comfy and weird I saw a light, I opened my eyes..



"Aye girl" he said in a whisper. "of course it's me beautiful, stay calm though, security called us and said you had fainted literally I've been looking for a belieber like you for ages, perfect eyes, hair, figure and personality. Just you." I couldn't believe it JUSTIN BIEBER HAD BEEN LOOKING FOR ME. I laughed nervously "are you serious, like I'm not exactly amazing even if you think I am."

How could this be happening..I questioned myself. This is a dream I bet! I pinched myself and had to ask people around me if I was really here, turns out I am!!!


Justin came over 5 minutes before he had to go on stage to perform and said "Hey beautiful, I forgot to ask would you like to be my OLLG and sit in VIP for my concert?"

I screamed and hugged him tightly "OF COURSE OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH" I felt like I had just blown any chances of keeping in touch with Justin. He laughed and joined in with the hug. His arms wrapped around my waist, I felt safe and protected he had one of those powerful hugs you wish you couldn't let go, but I did.



LEXILEXILEXILEXI, That's all I can think about right now, she fainted poor thing, I think she's slightly confused, she's not like the other fans though, when she woke up her beautiful blue eyes with those long eye lashes flickered at me, I knew from the moment I saw her on twitter she was the one, she was it! I fell for her. Seems crazy and I thought "JUSTIN SNAP OUT OF IT" I just couldn't it's crazy!

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