alison's diary

Blurb: Alison is no normal human but a guardian. Read her diary of life here.


1. the beggining

hello I am … well the… It is hard to say what I am. I have never told anyone. I have only lived on earth for a bit as I don’t come to earth till it is time for my job to start. It is really confusing as I don’t have a name for what I am or who I am. My name is Alison and I have a job that I have been aside to since I was little. I only have started it since a few weeks ago. Don’t freak out about what/ who I am. I will tell you I am like the living death. I know it sounds spooky but it isn’t.

Ok don’t think ahhhh a monster.well Not a monster like a guardian of earth. I am a vampire on my mother’s side. I live on earth and I am a normal human. Well kind of. I am a part vampire so I live forever. In my family there is a tradition. When the eldest daughter or son of the family is 16 the family have to come to earth.

My dad’s family is the side I am the human death from. I should tell you about my job. I look after the earth to make sure it is ok and when the time is to come I get to decide how the person who is going to die well dies. It sounds sad though I can decide if people should live. Like this boy in my class , yes I also go to school do you have a problem with that well he was in my how to be a guardian class, he had cancer. I saved him from it by letting him live. So I can let people live but my parents don’t like me doing that. They tell me that just if it is a friend or someone is ill that I can’t make sure they don’t die. I need to leave it up to the universe. Though shouldn’t I be helping the universe. If I help with someone who is dying it is ok. Sometimes it doesn’t work. It happens if I wish for them not to die. Though I didn’t know that at first because I wasn’t told about it.

The day I remember is the day that begins this story. The story of me being the guardian of death. It starts in an unusual place not on earth. The sky. In the sky. The place is what I told you about guardian school. I was never told why I was there. I was just told because it was the only school where I lived. I knew that I was part vampire because my parents had to tell me so I thought that I was their because of that. I asked other people why they were there. No one ever answered. They just walked of. I don’t think they knew. The day I was told started in the middle of eating my lunch:

I was having a nice lunch at my school. Blood and mouse. I know it sounds gross. It is just because I am part vampire and I need some blood to survive. The dead animals make me stronger. Able to do more. Then the head teacher came in to see me.

She was a nice person. The only person I really knew. She was wearing nice high heel shoes. You could hear the clip clop over and over again. She wasn’t really strict. Just nice. She understood me. I think sometimes that she was meant to. Something that she knew my secret. She must have known why I was there. Otherwise why was I a student there if even she didn’t know the reason I was there.

“Hello. Alison I need to speak with you in my office it is important,” she said.

I had no idea what was going to happen. I had never been sent their before. I thought I was in trouble. I sat down to see my parents.

“Mum and dad what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be shopping?” I asked.

“Look sweetie sit down. I know we should be shopping but we have something important to say,” my mum said.

I looked worried saying , “What is it?”

“Look. It is hard to say. I need to give you this note. Read it in a private room,” my mum said.

I took my note and went to the girls’ toilets. I was worried about what the note might say. I thought about if I should read it. It could be very important information. So in the end I opened it.

Dear darling,

This news will come to a shock for you. You may not know this but you come from a great line of people on your dads side. Any way your father is the death. I know it sounds horrible but it isn’t. He knows when it is time for someone to die and how the will die.

The reason I have not told you till now is very important. It is a very important thing on your dad’s side that the eldest child becomes the new well death. In his family they can’t tell them till they are 16. So we thought we shouldn’t tell you till it was a few days after your 16th birthday otherwise we knew it would ruin your birthday.

As you are the new death you need to go to earth. Me and your dad can’t come with you. I am sorry. There is a reason. As your dad’s term of being the guardian is over we can’t come. We now have to protect the sky. You can visit when  you feel lonely.

You will be looked after by some of my nice vampire friends. We went to school together around the time you were born when I was 16. They have to nice daughters who are your age. They live in England and here is their address

17 baker street London.

Look they are nice people. You will be put into a near by school with them so you can act like a normal child. Well you are but also a guardian and vampire. In school you will learn lessons like you did at the guardian school. Though there is no training. You learn normal lessons. The house will have some were for you to see the cases were some ones time is up. You choose how they will leave this world.

Now even though I won’t be with you or your dad but we have made some rules and they are important to follow. Your guardians will give you some other rules to follow. The first rule is the most important. No using any of your powers. You have powers that I don’t know about not even you know about. You can’t use powers at school but at your new home. They will help you with your powers.

Rule number 2 is important. Take classes seriously. If you can’t learn then you will never be a great guardian and that is what me and your father want you to be. You have to be great as we need you to sucseed. Otherwise it could bring your dads family to shame. We can’t let that happen.

Rule number 3 is the most important rule. That you can only trust your guardians and the protector. The protector is a special person who looks after the guardians. She has powers as well. Different to you. She goes to your school but wears a black coat. You won’t know who it is as there are lots of people look like her. They are evil. You will know who she is. Her name is Lola. Lola Alison. Yes she has your first name as her last that is why she is your protector. I know this is hard to understand. It will be.

Rule four is kind of important.  One of your main rules lets say. no wishing. You have the power to wish for things. The wishes can sometimes come true. You can only wish for the right things.  You need to be taught how to use them right. For now no wishing. Not until your guardians say you can. They need to teach you first.

Now I need you to know about your guardian lessons. Every day you will learn your powers and new abilities from your guardians. They teach potions and other things.  They are important to listen to.

From your mum.

That letter shocked me.


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