When Ciara moves to a new house in the middle of nowhere, she feels lost...
Until she finds a journal of a gypsy boy who lived in the 1920's.
As she reads his story she feels herself becoming fixated with him.

When her dreams begin she feels herself falling in love with Downey, but its stupid because you cant fall for a boy who died 88 years ago...

Can you?...


1. Prologue



Dorset, England


I can hear them outside. Banging on the door, walls, windows.

“Barge the door down,” someone yells.

The banging gets louder still. The mob has obviously increased, full of small minded folk who want to see us hanged in front of the village hall for non-existent crimes.

Lauren and Liam crawl over to where I’m hunched under the table.

“Get out here you scum!”

I knew it was a mistake coming here, buying the cottage. People never take kindly to gypsy folk. They fear us because we see more than them, the earth, the feelings around us. They call it witchcraft like it’s a bad thing but it’s just another sense. It’s just being in tune to what is happening and what is to come. Lauren can see more than most. Maybe we should just hand her over. Liam’s arms tighten around her. He knows what I’m thinking. I sigh. We’re in this together then.

“If the animals won’t come out we’ll just have to smoke them out. C’mon lads!”

The mob is in uproar as they hurl blazing torches at our home. Lauren lets out a cry and Liam pulls her close. I know we have to get out.

“Follow me,” I say and start dragging my weak body across the floor. The smoke is thick and consuming, making it hard to tell where I’m headed. An orange blaze ahead tells me to hurry, go quicker.

Beside the small back window now I smash it, fragments of glass splintering my elbow.

“Lauren out first okay Downey,” Liam says.

One by one we haul ourselves out onto the warm summers grass, dropping silently to the ground. We’re all coughing, sputtering, our faces black.

We stand back and watch our home burn while the men cheer and sing. Apparently we’ve burned inside and are on our way to hell now.

Then we turn and slowly sink into the blackness of the forest.

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