The day it all turned around

Bethany is a very unpopular girl at school infact she has no friends at all but what will happen on the night of her prom will she find romance or will she end up in disappointment.


2. the 5 days i had to wait

YES its only 5 days till prom I cant wait to show everyone my new dress but SSHHHH its going to be a surprise. 5 minutes later I over heard Amy the schools most popular girl saying, WOW you guys should so see my dress for prom its a metallic blue colour with crystals coming across my waist. GREAT her dress will be way prettier than mine. Finally day of prom so we got the day of to get ready so I started of by painting my nails, well my mum did because she's a beautician so that means she can do my nails and hair. when my nails had dried I got into my dress, then mum done my hair . she done it so it was swept over to one side with some twisty things with crystals on them I loved my hair that day it looked really pretty. so my mum isn't rich or anything so she couldn't afford to pay for a limo so she's going me of 5 minutes up the road from my school. Time to leave I'm so excited I put my gorge shoes on and got in the car when I got there I walked in and everyone was staring at me and then Amy looked at me her dress isn't actually that nice.

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