mine for the summer

Beth was just an ordinary 16 year old girl who had a great life. She was popular, pretty and was always the centre of attention. That all changed the second she met the man of her dreams. A certain blue-eyed, blonde-haired, irish hunk that goes by the name Niall Horan. Yes you heard right. The Niall Horan. The cute funny one in One Direction!!!!
This is my first fan fic so it might not be that good!! xxx <3


1. Work

Beth POV

Me and my best friend Sarah were on our way to work at the local nandos when our favourite song came on. Summer love by ! Direction. We are both huge directioners and just serving carrots in the resturant makes us break out in laughter. We started to sing along and as we got to Nialls part we pulled into the car park. I had a good feeling about today!!



Nialls POV

I was sooo hungry so me and the boys decide to go to Nandos. As we walked in i noticed a stunning waitress waiting to seat people. Her blue eyes and long curly brown hair was making me grin like an idiot. NIALLERS GOT A CRUSHHHHHH!!!! I heard Zayn shot behind be and they all broke into hysterics. I was blushing like a lunatic. Danielle was laughing the most. I didnt really want her to come because she has been a bitch all of us lately. It didn't help Lou get over El either because Dani wouldn't shut up about her. Lou walked in on her making love to another guy and ever since. He is always quiet and never cracks a smile. Hes not the same Lou that I know. The girl walked up to us and i said table for 6 please. She said sure follow-.... she looked up and i oh crap here it comes "Your N-N-Niall H-Horan......

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