mine for the summer

Beth was just an ordinary 16 year old girl who had a great life. She was popular, pretty and was always the centre of attention. That all changed the second she met the man of her dreams. A certain blue-eyed, blonde-haired, irish hunk that goes by the name Niall Horan. Yes you heard right. The Niall Horan. The cute funny one in One Direction!!!!
This is my first fan fic so it might not be that good!! xxx <3


3. woah!!

Beths POV


wOAH!! Did not expect to the liam payne to break up with his girl friend right in front of me. That was completely unexpected but I know my friend Kira will be excited. She adores liam her room is literally liam this and liam that and she wont shut up about him

Niall couldntstop staring at me and it made me want to scream. For once he was staring at me and i was staring at him. It was started to get awkward so I excused myself and went to the loo. As I walked out I saw none other than Niall waiting for me!!!! I was compleely shocked. He came over to me and said " Hey beautiful, can i talk to you"? Did Niall Horan just seriously call me beautiful. I think Im dreaming. Yeah, sure I replied. "Look, I haven't been able to take my eyes off you  for the whole night. You are the most beautiful girl i have ever seen and i was wondering if you would like to come back to mine with the boys tonight?"

"Of course I will and by the way, you are so cheesy!" I cant believe I was just asked to go to |Niall Horans house!!!!!

THis is the Best. Day. Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!



A/N I wont be able to update for a few days but i probably will on Monday. Luvs yaas my potatos xxx ;)

No hate to Eleanor or Danielle i love them both its just there were loads off people who wanted to be in the story

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