mine for the summer

Beth was just an ordinary 16 year old girl who had a great life. She was popular, pretty and was always the centre of attention. That all changed the second she met the man of her dreams. A certain blue-eyed, blonde-haired, irish hunk that goes by the name Niall Horan. Yes you heard right. The Niall Horan. The cute funny one in One Direction!!!!
This is my first fan fic so it might not be that good!! xxx <3


4. Is this a joke or something

Nialls POV

I invited Beth back to our house because i really wanted to get to know her. I have only known her for about an hour but i think shes the one!


Beths POV

Obviously i said yes when Niall asked me to come to his house, i mean come on it is Niall Horan!!! Im so exited



Sarahs POV

I feel really sorry for Louis, i mean his girlfriend of 2 years cheated on him with one of his best friends(the guy she cheated on him with was Josh Devine). But the thing is hes been loking at me all night and ithought what ... shouldnt i be staring at him. When Beth and Niall were talking Louis came over to me and said " Hey do you like carrots? If so do you wanna come back to mine with the boys and Beth". I really wanted to scream but all i could say was yeah ok!


Louis' POV

I was soo happy when sarah said she would come back to ours. I haven't been able to take my eyes off her all night, shes the only girl i have really liked since me and El broke up. I dont want her to think shes just my rebound girl because i honestly think shes the one. I think im falling for her. Shes prettier than Harry and thats saying something. I think im gonna get to know her. Im planning on taking her to the theme park tomorrow but i dunno if she'll say yes. Im planning to ask her to be my girlfriend when we reach the top of saw!!

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