mine for the summer

Beth was just an ordinary 16 year old girl who had a great life. She was popular, pretty and was always the centre of attention. That all changed the second she met the man of her dreams. A certain blue-eyed, blonde-haired, irish hunk that goes by the name Niall Horan. Yes you heard right. The Niall Horan. The cute funny one in One Direction!!!!
This is my first fan fic so it might not be that good!! xxx <3


2. Best.Day.Ever!!!!!!!!

Beths POV

I was serving this massive group. Someone asked for a table for 6 in a strong, sexy, irish accent that sounded soo familiar. I played the normal routine and said follow me. As i looked up at the party and nearly died. It was Niall Horan and the rest of One direction(and danielle). I was trying soo hard not to scream that i couldnt even talk. Your N-Niall Horan were the only words i managed to get out. I actually thought this would never happen but here i was, stood face to face with the love of my life! I knew Niall hated it when fans like me started fan girling when he was waiting for his nandos. I swear i was going to die when i got home!!!


Nialls POV

She had the voice of an angel and she looked like one to. Her long brown her and her blue eyes that were so easy to get lost in. I could tell that she was a fan because her cheeks had gone bright red and she had to excuse herself. I heard her talking to someone and then i heard screaming. She came back and said that she would be our waitress. I nearly jumped for joy. We followed her to our table and sat down. I really liked her so i asked if she wanted to sit with us. She said yes.


Liams POV


I am seriously fed up of Danielle. She is being a complete bitch to everyone including me. She has been taunting Lou about how she thought El was way out of league and how she could do so much better. I had had enough so in the middle of the meal i stood up and literally screamed at her "Danielle Peazer I have had enough of your bullshit. You have been a completely utter bitch to all of my friends and you are so not helping my friend to get over his broken heart! You are a comple slut and i know that for a fact because when the door opened as you were making out on the sofa with your worst enemy, Jack. Yeah well that person was me you lying cheating slut. We are through. I never want to see your face again!!!!



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