The Lonely Beach

Something I'm giving in for english homework, I would appreciate any feed back


1. The Lonely Beach

I look out to the sea, the deep, unpredictable, unforgiving sea
The fresh, powerful and regenerating air hits me with a huge gust of wind, tearing across me and making my hair claw at my face.
They call this place The Lonely Beach, though I've seen many couples happily strolling with the calm waves crawling up the sand to their feet.
I stand on the cliff, overlooking all of the lonely beach, there aren't many shrieking, screaming gulls here, Only the soft whispers of the ocean and the bellowing of the wind.
I open my eyes, I remember those feelings, those emotions.
I feel nothing now, the last thing I remember is the hands of my murderer, digging their villanous claws into my shoulders as they force me off the cliff, my heart reaches my throat and cuts off my scream.
I keep my eyes open, my hair whips behind me, flying carelessy.
My eyes water as the force of the wind cuts my eyes like shards of glass,
I fall endlessly to my sandy grave.
Now I am stuck here in limbo, as desperate policemen and women,
Detectives and Coroners try to find out who did this to me,
who made me endure this hell.
I stand on the edge of the cliff, waiting, watching.
The beach wasn't always called 'The Lonely Beach',
It was named after the lonely girl who died there..
5 years ago

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