Project 246

this is a story about genetically engineered teen warrior and his struggle to survive in a warstruck future...


7. The hospital wing

The next time I woke up, I was lying in a bed in a hospital wing, that reminded me of the Galadiog laboratories, which was where I was created. Sarge chuckled and said 

"You're lucky to be alive, when the mass of men finally dissipated  you were knocked out, bleeding."

"So, the attack was called off?" I questioned, not quite understanding Sarge.
"Yes, kind of. We defeated them, surprisingly!" he replied, in a quite bragging manner.

"But....But How?" I asked, because the Trojans can only be destroyed by other Trojans.

"They're not really the sharpest knife in the ..... the..... The place where you put knives." Sarge answered.

"You mean the block?" I corrected him.

"Yeah." Sarge chuckled.

"How was I knocked out?" I Asked.

"We don't know," the medic said as he walked in "we are still trying to figure out."

"where is my armour?" I asked, slowly but surely regaining energy.

"Right here" Sarge informed me.

"When will I be back in action?" I inquired, hoping it would be soon.

"As soon as you feel ready" the medic proclaimed "you could go back out now, if you wanted to, but a little rest never hurt anybody"
"OK"I said

So here I am, the strongest warrior that ever lived, lying in a hospital bed, vulnerable and powerless.

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