Project 246

this is a story about genetically engineered teen warrior and his struggle to survive in a warstruck future...


3. Re-deployment

This morning we got the news we all had been waiting for: This planet had been rid of alll life. Every-one came up to me and started chanting my code name "Leonidas!Leonidas!Leonidas!" Sergent congratulated me "nice work rookie!" The question now is, where we getting re-deployed to? Sarge thinks it will be Z54 in the Outer section. Personally I hope it is, because we have a weapons depot there, so i could get some more gear, because, yes it was easy killing that Trojan yesterday, but he hadn't had food for a while and it was something like -25 degrees out there, so I can't take all the credit for killing him, Mother Nature did her part as well.

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