Project 246

this is a story about genetically engineered teen warrior and his struggle to survive in a warstruck future...


2. Patrolling the barren wastelands

When I woke up this morning, like every other morning, I had to do the most tedious job, but i still do it right because our safety depends on it; patrol the barren wastelands.But this morning, unlike any other morning, I picked up a unique signal: the Trojan tracker. I followed it and eventually came to where the signal was coming from. It looked like it had not eaten any food for atleast a month. I felt i was doing it a favour; putting it out of its misery. I decided to give it a quick painless death instead of a long lingering death. I got my dagger out of my belt and gave him one sharp blow to the head. One down, 244 left.

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