Project 246

this is a story about genetically engineered teen warrior and his struggle to survive in a warstruck future...


8. 50 years later

the year is 2858. the war and chaos that we used to know has been destroyed. Destroyed by ordinary soldiers, driven by hope. By the thought of their children would not have to suffer like they did. sure, there are still some disputes, but, I guess that's life, Isn't it? 

I am no longer a solider, or at least a military one. I am was a soldier in the army, now I'm a soldier in my family. I have 3 children and 1 grandchild. They all ask me to tell this story, so now i wanted to tell it all of you. I am project 246, but everyone calls me Leonidas, and i was created to destroy all rouge Trojans. I succeeded. Now, my only mission is to my family. 

I still have my armour, in a locked chest but I don't get it out, because of the trauma it caused. 

To most normal people, i am just an ex-soldier, but to my kids and grandchild, i am a war hero.

And now my story is over.

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