Should I Tell?

Alexis is a girl in love with a boy from one of the biggest boy bands in the world the Harry styles but her relationship with harry is complicated by some secrets in Alexis past. Will she tell him everything? Or will there relationship end? read to find out.

A/N This is my first fan fiction and sorry if it is bad. I hope you like it


1. My heart is yours

Alex’s POV: I wake up in the morning and he’s laying right there in front of me, I just staring at him and his perfect hair.He opens his eyes slowly he looks at me and smiles and I smile back he runs his fingers over my face to get my hair out of my eyes it tickles and he leans in to me and kisses my forehead gently and whispers “good morning” in his husky morning voice. he gets out of bed and walks over to the door and says “you coming” I nod and say “give me a sec” he smiles and said “ok” then he walks down the stairs. I jump out of bed run to the bathroom brush my teeth, brush my hair and put a little bit of make-up on like I woke up perfect but I only do this to impress him I put my dressing gown on then slowly walk down the stairs, I stop and see him eating breakfast on the couch watching the football I take a big deep breath and continue walking down the stairs I walk over to the couch and sit down he said sweetly ‘good your up” and puts a little smirk on he hands me a bowl fool of coco pops I smile lightly and say “you know me so well”  he giggles “well..” I interrupt him by kissing his lips I pull back he grabs my neck and pulls me closer I look away he moves my head so I face him I bite my lip and look up at him I make eye contact he smiles and pulls me even closer he kisses me and it feels like it lasted forever.  we both put our bowls down on the coffee table I  look back at him and smile “I Love You” he says I gasp and tears start to form in my eye he says concerned “what’s wrong “ I smile and say “nothing its just you mean everything to me and no one has said that to me before “ he smiles and giggles “your mum and dad have never told you that they love you before?!”  I punch him lightly in the chest and say smiling “you know what I mean “ he takes my hand and puts it in the middle of his chest and says “My heart is yours and you can’t  go anywhere or my heart will die you will rip it out you mean everything to me”. 

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