Forever And Always

Evelyns life was perfect.Her family was perfect she had a perfect grades in school but because of a car accident her life went upside down, she forget about her life and family the only thing she remembers was her name.But one boy that is a member of the worlds most famous band help her gain her memory, will Evelyn fell in love with him or will she leave him broken hearted?
read more if u want to find out what happen


2. Chapter Two

"Baby, what's wrong. You're crying. I'm so sorry" I hear footsteps and the unknown woman, touches my arm and I feel my eyes flutter open. The white walls, boring carpets, weird wires stuck from almost every inch of my body. Then it hit me. A bus. I'm in a hospital. I was in a... a car crash? I look to the mysterious woman and she looks shocked. "You're awake!" she rushes outside, calling for a doctor. I look at her. Who was she. Why was she here? Was I dead. No... surely not... A man heads in and looks at me in equal shock as the strange woman. "Well, this is amazing. She was meant to be in a recovery comma for about month" he says looking me over. "This could bring some severe issues" he says, turning to the woman and whispering something I couldn't hear. What were they saying? Severe issues? Like what? "Evelyn... how old are you?" he asks simply and I go to give him the simple answer... 'I'm..." I pause, wait, must just be nerves. Wait, how old was I? "18" says the woman quickly and the doctor glares at her. "Of... of course" I say and he sighs, scratching his head. "I- I don't know how to say this but... Evelyn... I think waking up from the recovery too early has cause implications on your brains causing... causing you to forget. Everything." he looks at my face, waiting for a response. "No. No! I'm Evelyn, I'm 18 and, and" I stutter and tears starts to fall when I can't continue. It was true. There was nothing there. Absolutely nothing. No memories. Nada."No, that's madness! Evelyn, who am I?" the woman says, smiling at me. I freeze "I- I- you're- I... don't know" the woman's face goes pale and she collapses in a ball of sobs. "No Evelyn. How can you not remember me? Your own mother" she says between sobs and I instantly begin sobbing with her. My mother. I couldn't even remember my own mother. This was some kind of sick joke. I was dreaming. I pinch myself, expecting to wake up in my... where I was supposed to be. But the truth was, where was I meant to be? I don't even know who I am anymore...



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