Forever And Always

Evelyns life was perfect.Her family was perfect she had a perfect grades in school but because of a car accident her life went upside down, she forget about her life and family the only thing she remembers was her name.But one boy that is a member of the worlds most famous band help her gain her memory, will Evelyn fell in love with him or will she leave him broken hearted?
read more if u want to find out what happen


3. Chapter Three (Harry's POV)

I look down at my hands, sighing. I really hope Liam was okay. It seemed like that car had come out of nowhere...



We were sitting in the back of the tour bus, all doing our own thing. Liam was sitting by the window, watching the scenery passing the window. Zayn was asleep on the bed in the back, I was laughing at Louis, who was making a hilarious from across the bus and of course, Niall was eating. Getting, up I head over towards Lou when I hear a horrid screeching from outside of the bus. The bus swerves but it was too late, we go crashing into a small buggie and everything was a blur from then... We were all rushed to the hospital, most of us unharmed but cut by the glass of the window.

*End of flashback*


It's been almost three hours sitting here, we had to postpone our tour due to the crash and really hated to disappoint our fans. I was kind of glad that none had shown up at the hospital yet. I loved the directioners but today was stressful as it was. I hear loud cries and turn my head towards the reception desk to see a woman, she was crying so hard her whole body was shaking and she started screaming. "She doesn't remember. How can she not remember me?!" the receptionist looked confused but tried her best to calm the woman. I spot an open door a couple metres away and hear the familiar sound of 'What Makes You Beautiful' playing from inside. I decide to investigate, heading towards the door and peaking in without looking to obvious. "Playing your favorite songs from before the crash may bring back some memories" the doctor calmly explains to the girl laying in the bed. She nods and I watch extreme concentration spread through her features. Now, was when I was able to get a good look at her. She was beautiful. I get lost in her beauty when I realize the doctor staring at me curiously, looking from the stereo, then back to me. "Evelyn... you have a visitor" he says and she turns to me and her face reflects shock and confusion... "You're... I know you... you're..." she strains for an answer but the doctor hushes her. "No! I remember... you're Harry... Harry Styles" she looks up at me and tears pool in her eyes. "I remember... I remember!" she shouts excitedly and the doctor grins. "I'll leave you too alone" he says, heading out of the door and I awkwardly sit by Evelyn. "Hey, nice to meet you love" I tell her and she blushes. There's a silence when she suddenly blurts "Your eyes" she then quickly quietens herself. "My eyes?" I question, she nods "Your eyes... they helped me to remember" 


(ItsgottabeLou- I hoped you like it all so far! :o)

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