Forever And Always

Evelyns life was perfect.Her family was perfect she had a perfect grades in school but because of a car accident her life went upside down, she forget about her life and family the only thing she remembers was her name.But one boy that is a member of the worlds most famous band help her gain her memory, will Evelyn fell in love with him or will she leave him broken hearted?
read more if u want to find out what happen


6. Chapter Six (Evelyn's POV)

Evelyn's POV

When I saw a boy in my memory kissing me he look familiar when Harry broke the kiss.I just smile and blush at him but im still thinking about that boy in my memory.Then it me it was Nathan he was my bestfriend when I was in 1st grade,then some memories of him and me came back,him kissing me by the seashore and other things he was my boyfriend.Oh no and I got fellings for Harry too what will I do now.ugh my world really turn upside down why why

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