Forever And Always

Evelyns life was perfect.Her family was perfect she had a perfect grades in school but because of a car accident her life went upside down, she forget about her life and family the only thing she remembers was her name.But one boy that is a member of the worlds most famous band help her gain her memory, will Evelyn fell in love with him or will she leave him broken hearted?
read more if u want to find out what happen


1. Chapter One

"Evelyn? Please squeeze my hand if you can hear my voice" I hear a deep voice beside me, slowly coming into consciousness I try to figure where I was. Feeling something warm in my hand I force my brain to squeeze the hand in my palm. "She heard. She can hear us" I hear him say to someone else. Probably another person somewhere around me. I feel the hand leave my palm, and an instant feeling of being alone consumed me as I heard footsteps and the sound of a door closing. But I hear a indiscreet shuffling and try so hard to open my eyes, desperately wondering what was going on. Where was I? Why was I here? Feeling myself going into panic mode, I calm myself and just listen to my surroundings but there is nothing. Why was this person here if they weren't even bothering to do anything? I hated this feeling, the helpless feeling of not being in control of what was happening... I try one last time to open my eyes but my efforts are worthless. Please? Someone? Anyone? Finally, I hear a voice through the silence. "Hey honey" I try to recognize the voice but nothing comes to mind. Who was this person?! "The doctor said you can hear me and I..." I hear tears and wonder why this stranger was crying over me. "I'm so sorry" they whisper, "I- I should have seen that bus" the cries become clearer and thoughts go flying through my mind. Bus? Straining to try remember something... anything. I feel tears leak from my eyes, sliding down my cheeks. I couldn't remember. I couldn't remember anything. My name is Evelyn and that's the only thing I know...



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