Forever And Always

Evelyns life was perfect.Her family was perfect she had a perfect grades in school but because of a car accident her life went upside down, she forget about her life and family the only thing she remembers was her name.But one boy that is a member of the worlds most famous band help her gain her memory, will Evelyn fell in love with him or will she leave him broken hearted?
read more if u want to find out what happen


4. Chapter Four (Evelyn's POV)

Evelyn's POV

When I look into Harry's beautiful green eyes some memories came rushing back in my head. The first I saw them in X-Factor and fell in love, the first time I went to their concert, their songs... everything. But I still dont remember my family and my past memories only my memories of world famous band, One Direction. I then burst into tears. 

"What wrong love?" Harry asks, confused. Worry on his face.

"I... I can't remember my past life nor my family... only you guys" I said in between sobs

"Its alright, you will remember" He said to me with a smile that showed off his cute dimples. He leant over andhugged me. When he wraps his arms around me, it felt so right. I felt safe in his arms i wish I could stay like this forever.


(A/N hey guys sory short chapter im sick that and this Thania_19 my first chapter so please Like,Commet and favorite love ya bye)

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